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The Morning Mix Project Censored - September 14, 2012 at 8:00am

The Morning Mix, for September 14, 2012 - 8:00am

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Greetings: Everyday,


Everyday, Obama/Romney and the Duopoly are featured in the media.

The cooperate media, including National Petroleum Radio, closes out alternative parties.

So called alternative media also covers the two wines of the Duopoly, and gives minute coverage to The Green Party, Progressive Party, Peace and Freedom Party and Socialist Parties, etc..

Is Project Censored also censoring coverage of Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson, Roseanne Barr, and other candidates of the left.

Because our Government is owned by the 1%, there are very few legislators to protect us from the corporatist minions of the capitalist cabal.

Exposing problems caused by the corporatist while excluding viable solutions is to act as a release safety valve for the 1%, and to stifle progressive change.

If we are to bring the power of government back to the working class, we must vote our values rather than our fears.

I’m voting for Jill Stein.

To answer your question

To answer your question somewhat: I don't think The Morning Mix with Project Censored enables the duopoly, or two-party dictatorship, or false left/right paradigm. In fact, Rocky Anderson has been featured on TMMPC. You can find some coverage of those broadcasts at (Although, I wish they would've mentioned the ostensibly recovering Democrat Rocky Anderson once endorsed Mitt Romney.)

I'm glad you're no longer supporting the Democrat/Republican anti-democratic tyranny, Thursten Rubbert Tirebinder III. However, I hope you understand the Green Party, at this point, is, essentially, an appendage of the Democrat Party when it comes to the federal level. (And maybe even at the state and local levels. Just ask yourself why it was the Green Party sold out to the Democrat Party by 2004 when Nader was falsely accused of being a "spoiler" for the Democrat presidential candidate. The Green Party said they'd pull Nader as a presidential candidate if he posed a threat to the Democrat. Nader, rightly, wasn't going for that malarkey, which is why he eventually had to move further left as an independent. But we can thank the GP for ruining Nader's momentum he built up in 2000 when the GP could've been a serious opposition party. (Jill Stein has feigned ignorance on KPFA when asked about this issue during her current 2012 campaign. She talks a good game, but a serious opposition party the Green Party is not. Stein knows this.)

But regardless of these differences of opinion, we can all agree we must all focus on fighting for democracy, now. We must admit we currently don't have a democracy., one of the original organisers and founders of Occupy Wall Street, has one of the strongest understandings of this. It's really a shame Michael Levitan doesn't share the same appreciation for free and fair democratic elections. We must have one person, one vote, not one dollar, one vote. We must open up the debates. And if we like a particular candidate, we must make sure the political party to which they subscribe is sincere, which I'm not convinced the GP is since they sold out in 2004.

These are some of the things I would've said were I debating Michael Eric Dyson, as Glen Ford did recently on Democracy Now! (DN!, by the way, has clearly forgotten what their name means by the inclusion of an exclamation point. DN! simply enabled Dyson in his disgusting Obama apologism.)

Having heard the entire broadcast, and many others when Levitan is interviewed about the Occupy Movement, it is clear Levitan is afraid to speak honestly about the corruption and ethical bankruptcy of the Democrat Party and afraid to speak about the need for free and fair elections. If Levitan believes there is a better political system than having democratic elections he should say so. Otherwise, despite the beautiful and admirable work he and others around the Occupy Movement have done, without an honest and implacable critique of the two-party dictatorship being placed centrally within the OM, its efforts will only ever enable people to vote Democrat, or not vote at all. Either result maintains the status quo, which we all ostensibly oppose.

Peace and Freedom.

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