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Guns and Butter - September 19, 2012 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for September 19, 2012 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"Unpacking Mr. Global, Part Three" with Catherine Austin Fitts. QE3 Infinite Quantitative Easing; the world that is dying and the world that is being born; where the money went; where some of the money is returning; fraud and the black budget; the three big lies; re-engineering the federal budget; the fiscal cliff; WTO and industrial food; what's up with space.

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Catherin Austin Fitts

Catherin Austin Fitts mentioned unemployment due to automation, which is true. We may already notice ATM machines and automated check out machines replacing cashiers and so forth, not to mention robotics in manufacturing and machines replacing agricultural workers. But it would have been nice for Austin Fitts to mention the film Zeitgeist pointed this out years ago, as did Gene Roddenberry (author/screenwriter/creator of the Star Trek series). It's unlikely she-s unaware of that fact. (But we understand she must build up her brand, not that of others. But it's nice when those who came before are given credit where credit is due.)

Yes, the part where Catherine

Yes, the part where Catherine Austin Fitts mentions our kids and grandkids have a right to travel the stars is true. It speaks to our responsibility, as a species, to insure, for our descendants, our species outlives the finite life of planet Earth. It may seem far flung, but we must think long-term, as well as short term. Thus, we must think in terms of sustainability and peace and international cooperation because it's the only way our species can survive the inevitable death of our Sun. For us to ignore this reality and to squander the miracle of evolution, which has endowed us with such a cortex would be very tragic. But with perpetual war, environmental and genetic mutilation, and voter ignorance enabling our own enslavement and degradation it doesn't seem we're on the right path. Hopefully, more intelligent conversations and principled political parties may alter our course.

Evolution? Did you say

Evolution? Did you say "evolution"? You are behind the times, aren't you.

Glad to hear Catherine

Glad to hear Catherine referring to chemtrails on Kpfa- wish someone would cover it- to see more- go to catherines website and you can hear her discussion about how she was told about them for so long, and on a trip across country watched them sprayed in every state she drove through- she said that stopped her denial- you can hear here talk on her website

my understanding about what

my understanding about what catherine was talking about today is that she was saying that somehow we need to survive what the bad guys are up to- and i agree with her. last night i went to a great discussion about gmo -prop 37 and to see a screening of bitter seeds- the plight of indian farmers - and no discussion about chemtrail, geoengineering, weather control
it begs the question of how anyone can survive what they are doing to our weather, what they are putting into the air etc--please someone on kpfa, be brave enough to cover this subject-

Also, the part where

Also, the part where Catherine Austin Fitts says, "You cannot have financial security if you do not have good health," may remind one of the KPFA programme Your Own Health and Fitness' mantra about protecting one's health because it also protects our freedom. We can't be free, of course, if we are ill or dying prematurely. CAF mentions the need to build our immune systems (implicitly through increasing the nutritional quality of our diet) and lower our toxicity; this may remind one of Dr. Gerson's work or the documentary films, The Gerson Miracle and The Beautiful Truth. Of course, sorely lacking, was a class analysis. The working-class will never have "financial security" when we are ultra-exploited wage slaves and marginalised as an under-class to be sidelined and criminalised.

Who are "they"? (By the way,

Who are "they"? (By the way, transcripts of Unpacking Mr. Global Parts 1 and 2 may be found at

Peace and, indeed, as Einstein once said, the important thing is not to stop questioning.)

There are plenty of
So.... her answer to the

So.... her answer to the cancer of Neoliberalism is to go along and learn to play the market...? Really? The phrase "part of the problem" kept ringing in my ears throughout this entire interview. Sorry Bonnie, but WTF?

So, Catherine Austin Fitts

So, Catherine Austin Fitts asserts that everything (i.e. material needs) will in the future be provided in people’s garages by 3D printers supplied by “composite materials,” that oil will be replaced by high intensity solar, and maybe even free energy and cars running on water, and materials will be supplied via mining the Moon, Mars,.... This shows zero awareness of the actual energy needed to do anything like extraterrestrial mining. or to replace oil, or the limits of resources on planet Earth. And Fitts understands nothing of capitalism, believing the system is basically OK and only messed up by people not playing by the rules. Sorry, i cannot go along with the cheering.

Great program. I am glad some

Great program. I am glad some positive comments were finally posted.

Great sleuth, that Catherine

Great sleuth, that Catherine Austin Fitts.. and this topic is certainly fascinating and I've always figured that present space exploration has been shifted over to corporate plunder of gold and rare minerals, which is indeed horrendous. BUT, I want to urge people to not make this their prioritized topic when addressing a general audience-- on a soapbox of whatever nature. Reason being, it involves a conspiracy theory which, though most likely true, will immediately alienate a huge swathe of folks who then will simply brand you Kooky from that point onward. Just as compelling and pressing, yet not having to grasp the concept of "black budgets", are topics such as, say, OBAMA'S FLAMING HYPOCRISIES APLENTY. This megacorporate duopoly of Parties is what makes all this horrific politics possible, and indeed inescapable so far. Basically the urgent message for the coming 46 days needs to be: If You Are Not In A Purple State, You Are Crazy Not To Vote For A 3rd Party .
That simple.

Wow, it's 1:55 as I'm typing this and what she's saying fits exactly with what I just typed.. Mr. Nader calls it "tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee". Glenn Ford had super-keen analysis in the Pacifica convention coverage-- as if he were reading my mind, but nailed it ever further when he noted that (paraphrasing) "It's not the lesser of two evils, it's the MORE EFFECTIVE of two evils!" What Alex Jones refers to as "left cover". The fact that the DNC can and forcefully does take the entire left for granted-- to the huge chagrin of the actual left.
(Ok, I used a URL shortener on that link just in case it works better:

btw, Nader is doing some great stuff lately, keep up via
and I'll see y'all out there on etc etc etc etc

Find KPFA comment action more

Find KPFA comment action more easily, shall we? Maybe agree to gab in the always-controversial (and hence interesting) Guns and Butter slot, along with 8AM weekday shows which tend to get some notice i.e. and perhaps Hard Knock or Flashpoints as well? PEACE!

Oh man, sorry about my messy

Oh man, sorry about my messy posting style today, but I wrote a posting about Bonnie's interview today that got flagged and is waiting moderation (should go thru, it's all good..) and I clumsily forgot to add a link to Glen Ford's work, which I'd very much meant to remember.. he puts out a regular radio report that ought get carried on Pacifica stations -- hint hint! OK just add this link to my forthcoming larger posting:

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