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The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari - September 30, 2012 at 9:00am

The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari, for September 30, 2012 - 9:00am

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Obama and Romney (same coin0,

Obama and Romney (same coin0, do get lots and lots of attentions, more attention than is necessary to report the simple but honest truth " THEY ARE LYING AGAIN" , and what else do we need to know? How each is going to have their way with us? We already know what the probably predetermined winner will do once he get out knickers down, that holds no surprise.
Haven't heard a lot about the green party , socialists , anarcho-syndicalism or any body but the designated hitters in the excuse to call this a democracy with elections. Maybe we really are going to have to go down the road that europe went down in the late thirties and the forties , maybe some on will have to save us from ourselves as we did the Germans way back when, because we aren't showing any indication of not taking the candy from those very very bad men.

Politics are a citizen's

Politics are a citizen's responsibility because government officials work for or against them and effect their lives in a positive or negative way--often life and death.

This also applies to today's The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari:

Economics Update:

Greetings Richard:

In your fatuous (September 29, 2012) lecture you chose to ignore LBJ who opened Social Security to fund the the imperialistic Viet Nam War. You’ve chosen to reenforce the Oligarchist frame that all politics are corrupt and therefore government is evil. Thus, less and less government is the way, IE, less and less regulation and oversight of corporations is a good thing.

Rather than pointing out that specific presidents, governors, mayors, congresses, and local government are (mostly all members of the two wings of the duopoly) are the bipartisan criminals. You reenforce the corporatis frame by using the generalizations politics and unnamed politicians.

You failed to say that we the people must take control, and we can do this by supporting the officials who speak for us and only as long as they represent us. That the purpose of political parties is to unify and have power over our lives. That the people we put in office to represent us and are there to draw a line in the sand: When it is reasonable, make the best temporary compromise possible and continue to pursue “our” objectives. Other times, when compromise is not reasonable to stand firm.

The military and police are repressive arms of government, and only by have representation can we stop government violence directed against the 99% and eliminate the need to defend ourselves in an end that can culminate in violence.

Now, the criminals are Obama and the two wings of the Duopoly through almost all of the governing bodies in the United States..

Omition is censorship! There are alternatives to Obama and the Duopoly: Jill, Rocky, Roseanne, and socialist./Marxist candidates are our voices. They express our points of view. Yet, you refuse to name the individual who committed the crimes or those who point out those crimes and offer alternatives solutions–you refuse to name the folks that speak for and would represent us if elected!

On Pacific stations Obama/Romney get air time every day on almost every public affairs program or news program (as the do on corporate media).

The voice of left candidates are mostly not aired.

If co-operatives become “to” successful, given current American office holders, the co-ops can be legislated out of existence.

Because Pacifica News and Publica Afairs programing including Economic Update and The Sunday Show censor the alternative candidates--These programs are, in large part, are just passing wind.


While the Pacifica Stations are not perfect, The Pacifica Foundation is our voice and I contributed this month and, with in what my income allows, shall continue to support it in the future.


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