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Against the Grain - October 3, 2012 at 12:00pm

Against the Grain, for October 3, 2012 - 12:00pm

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are whole life has been 1 big

are whole life has been 1 big story written out for us by the big banking elite and the monarchy's the catholic church. and are now present cia and the mi6 are probally some of the most demonic groups the world has ever seen. are reality most live in is stirred by there evil ways.and nothing is as it appears to be.usa corperation i live in america and i am a american nationalist not citizen=slave.the brainwashed public =sheep. says in the bible theres some truth in it but not the king james version were they took out and replaced it with lord and god and jesus .jesus 2 pagon names lord worship of baal worship of the bull god gott deity from egypt back in the time of amon rah.israel issa rah el el planet saturn sun worship and on and on.are whole political history so corrupt.and this guy is just a part of the divide and conquer talks about the left right liberal conseratives there both ran by the same puppet tier different puppet same puppet tier.he's a distraction to keep are focus on fighting each other instead of paying attention to real issues and he's got it wrong biggest killers in world history is control by the same families as it did back then .whoo funded hittler and holocaust burnt offerings lol nakinazi jews nazi in it anti semetic b.s. just and there all made up to get the jews the homeland supposely which is b.s.just put them in the middle of islamic people good place to stir crap up.this has all ways been about good and evil satan trying to still as many souls as possible before yahwehs return. wake up people of the mostly free world we will be enslaved totally if we the people dont do are homework are kids have no future he's got alot of professor's veiw points that have been planted by the globalist years ago when they funded most of the education system and put in there guys to reeducate the masses to fit there agenda

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