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Hard Knock Radio - October 4, 2012 at 4:00pm

Hard Knock Radio, for October 4, 2012 - 4:00pm

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I hear advertising on KPFA

I hear advertising on KPFA everything I turn on the station. It's alway something to raise money for KPFA, But it's to raise money. KPFA raises money every day and has four fund raising drives a year, Correct me if I am mistake, please.
I subscribe and yet the badgering, haranguing self justified mealy mouthed speakers raring up in self righteous indignation, treating listener to insulting behavior because of the stations political correctness, has got to stop. Fund drives didn't used to be vicious and contemptible displays that frankly make me want to stop subscribing. If you want my support spite the fecal matter out of your mouths before asking for funding. Everybody knows the brand name and it's second to none.
How about "We are having our quarterly fund raising drive , your subscription are needed for use to stay on the air ,thank you. Call 1800-333-1234." And go back to the program.
The other ads that are run every day for every possible reason under the anarch o syndicalist sun can appear in the news letter of on line . The content of this station is AAA-1 +++ , but the station is beginning to remind me of the rapaciousness that is so loudly spoken against on this perhaps one of the few places to get any real information in America. Please cut the ass kicking routine or find funding some where else.

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