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Saturday Morning Talkies - October 13, 2012 at 8:00am

Saturday Morning Talkies, for October 13, 2012 - 8:00am

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Yes, it’s somewhat

Yes, it’s somewhat inrnetstieg to know whether a candidate believes in the Bible or not—but is it the sort of question that should come up at a national debate? You can thank Karl Rove for making the Republican Party synonymous with values voters and thus cannibalizing important moments in national debates with pointless speculation on candidates' faith. Expect it to continue in even more important Presidential debates next October. Mitt Romney was also confident and poised. Wow you decided to mention Willard today. First time in months considering he's the frontrunner. First of all, I think Rudy hurt himself with his exchange with Romney. He’s the front-runner (at least nationally), Rudy's the frontrunner states that are weeks or months behind the kingmaking early primary states. Unless Huckabee and Paul collectively steal Willard's thunder in Iowa and New Hampshire, Rudy will be a nonfactor by the time Florida comes around, getting clobbered with a month's worth of negative headlines about his sputtering campaign unable to find traction. Ron Paul is a nut. He's a nut who, given his massive advertising budget and unique message, I now expect to get third place in both Iowa and New Hampshire.It is going to be insanely inrnetstieg to see this GOP primary battle unfold as it's poised to be the most unpredictable nomination dogfight of my lifetime in either party. Two weeks ago, it looked like Willard was on the fast-track to the nomination having worked his way into leads in all of the first four primary states. Now, the surge of Mike Huckabee, a likely pending surge of Ron Paul, and Giuliani and Thompson seemingly in decline, there's very little assurance that this is still Willard's race to lose. On the other hand, Paul is a novelty candidate with a significant but limited appeal, and Huckabee doesn't have the fund-raising capacity or the support of the party's robber baron wing, meaning he'll be unlikely to carry momentum from Iowa to the de facto national primary on Super Tuesday. I still think it's gonna be Willard. The other guys all seem poised to divide their vote amongst one another.

Mr. Gupta said it best, but

Mr. Gupta said it best, but let me say it this way. President Obama can't sell the Democratic Agenda, because he doesn't believe in it. President Obama is a right-wing corporate Democrat. Quote: “Gov. Romney and I pretty much agree on Social Security.”

President Obama looked feckless, because he and Gov. Romney pretty much agree on everything. Is President Obama playing for the other team or maybe leading from behind?

The male voters seem to be getting these points, but women know that they are being viciously attacked by the Republicans. It's again the lesser of evils.

Keep in mind that President Obama has repeatedly doubled-down on the death squads attacking Syria and the ongoing tragedy in Libya. Hillary Clinton and Mr. Obama are openly funding AL-Queda. And yes, the Romney Camp has used the Intelligence Community to undermine these efforts - evil fighting evil. From all of the evidence, my suspicion is that our Libyan Ambassador was supposed to be kidnapped so that we would have a hostage situation going into this election(October Surprise), but he died from smoke inhalation(not murdered intentionally) before he could be grabbed.

No kidding. In that case,

No kidding. In that case, let's hold out for the perfect candidate in a politically correct world that doesn't include most Americans. Welcome Romney into the White House, and Lyin' Ryan into our bedrooms! We'll all feel better because we didn't hold our noses and vote - we stood tall, held our breath instead, and turned blue! We watched the country drift further and further to the right, because they deserved it. We didn't compromise with reality! Years from now we can tell our grandchildren that we did our part to do - NOTHING! Hurrah! Let's celebrate with a circular firing squad!

Dear Matt, There are many who

Dear Matt,

There are many who share your point of view. And I for one am glad that you still have hope for this system. I do not share this view. From my perspective this system will not and cannot address any of my issues and concerns. African-Americans are too marginalized with staggering rates of unemployment, home foreclosures, mass incarceration, summary executions by police and rising poverty. This system of Democrats vs Republicans simply ignores these problems. So, I cannot support such a system. Do I think Romney is worse than Obama? Of course, but it doesn't change the reality for me and millions of others, neither will address our concerns.

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