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The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari - October 14, 2012 at 9:00am

The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari, for October 14, 2012 - 9:00am

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Just to add I was in a sense

Just to add I was in a sense mistaken with my quote that Obama is receiving more wall street money than Republicans, at least if you want to look at the numbers for this election cycle. My bad

Listeners are able to listen

Listeners are able to listen 24-seven totally free of charge. However, KPFA's bills have to be
paid. KPFA performs a priceless service to the community. No one says you have to buy
tickets or go to holidays fairs, but without those & other fundraisers the station would not
stay afloat. Unlike mainstream media, KPFA is not corporate-controlled. I guess you're wishing for an ideal reality where no money is required for things to function.

Your republic is a mess - you

Your republic is a mess - you need a parliamentary system. All your super smart founding fathers, who you reference continuously, really messed up.

Sent in to Truthdig, but so

Sent in to Truthdig, but so far has not been posted

So Mr Scheer was on the air on KPFA radio in Berkeley this morning touting his belief to vote for Mr Obama in swing states and further adding that he is seeing an increased ideological difference between the nominees of the two parties. I called in and did my best to express that while I believe Mr Scheer does a reasonable job in reporting on the realities in the country that he somehow becomes dissociated from that reality with his strategy towards presidential politics and his belief in the import of the differences of the two parties. Mr Scheer became indignant since at some point I had mentioned that this stance lacks a certain type of bravery( I admittedly will have to listen to the podcast to find my exact quote) and then further tried to go on the offensive against me adding something like I should be going after Sandy Weill here in Napa. Apparently the allusion was that I was a loudmouth critic who does not walk the walk, but in my case at least Mr S is sadly mistaken. I am not going to try to list my accomplishments here locally, but it is nonetheless my focus as opposed to simply criticizing media figures. In fact on Mr Scheer's previous appearance on the show,I had called in as well and had asked Mr Scheer his feelings on organizing locally as opposed to the obsession with presidential electoral politics. But Mr Scheer, on this occasion, was too obsessed with an ongoing debate with the host of the show to even address my question. If folks are interested I can post links to the archives of the two shows. I still have some respect for the guy, but the lesser of two evils and the belief in the significance of presidential elections in general is at least part of what has gotten us to where we are

I just saw a sticker in the

I just saw a sticker in the Mission District that tells it like it is: "One illegal immigrant pays more taxes than GE."

hey ditto, the drive is over

hey ditto, the drive is over lay off, I heard some advertising for an event with tickets selling for $50.00 each, so much for advertising free listener supported radio.Stop the ads, or stop fund raising drives. Oh you want it both ways. How many adds for the XMAS Consumer fair, How much air time will we have to endure having already already being a subscriber.

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