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The Week Starts Here----The UFO Contact Experience - October 14, 2012 at 7:30pm

The Week Starts Here, for October 14, 2012 - 7:30pm

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The Week Starts Here----The UFO Contact Experience

Host/Producer Veronica Faisant delves into the UFO Contactee Movement with Science Journalist and Radio Producer, Ralph Steiner. On this, his second visit to The Week Starts Here, Ralph shares his new, hour long documentary about people who claim to be in communication with visitors from other worlds. Open phone lines.

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Thank you Ralph Steiner,

Thank you Ralph Steiner, Veronica Faisant and KPFA! This is the kind of fearless and original programming I want to hear, as a paying listener-subscriber. This is a very serious and complex subject that receives almost zero attention by independent broadcast media, and the lack of serious coverage creates a gaping black hole in public awareness. This is a subject that we as a society need to face and come to terms with, because the implications for ourselves as a species and the future of our planet are profound. That we are not way past the question of whether UFOs are real as a cultural consensus and moving on to the deeper implications is largely the responsibility of independent media and journalists who are either too brainwashed by the dominant culture or too fearful to really stick their necks out and be brave in grappling with this incredibly strange, complex and challenging topic.

Thank you KPFA for breaking the silence!

Anyone out there who wants to start to get a grasp of the serious nature of this topic from a perspective that will resonate deeply with many listeners of KPFA should read "UFOs and the National Security State," by Richard Dolan.

Loved this show. I've

Loved this show. I've listened to Coast To Coast show with George Noory and your show had a better showcase of people who have had contact with the "aliens" of other worlds.
I can't wait to hear more and hopefully a regular show will be on KPFA. You guys rock in every sense of the world: politics, music of extensive genres, poetry, community showcases and the list goes on. I love your show. I need to volunteer and help out as I'm a cash poor due to no raises and larger bills and families to care for.
Peace and keep up the great work!
M.E. Lopez - North Berkeley

Thank you, thank you, thank

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm thrilled that KPFA is giving this topic the exposure it deserves. I know several of the people who were featured in Steiner's documentary, and it was gratifying and refreshing to hear them presented as the thoughtful and intelligent people I know them to be. Will the "mainstrem media" ever get a clue?

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