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Guns and Butter - October 17, 2012 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for October 17, 2012 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"The CIA Mormon Mafia and the Benghazi Killings" with Webster Griffin Tarpley

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A WSJ article provided some

A WSJ article provided some interesting details about Petraeus and Bengazy killings that seem to corroborate Tarplay's telling of the events of Sept. 11 there. Now Petraeus resigns before his Congressional hearing about the incident . . . more apparent support.

I never heard anyone take so

I never heard anyone take so long, throw out some many seemingly disconnected data, to get to the point or at least hint at, where he or she is going with their story. wt is interesting at times but most of the time he just rambles.

Maybe you should listen to

Maybe you should listen to the interview again? It's simple, Romney and his backers, the Neoconservatives like John Bolton wanted to "Carterize" Obama by creating a foreign policy catastrophe around the killing of the US Ambassador...centering on Bolton's connections to the films origins, the network fanning "Islam-o-Fascism, the Mormon mafia that exists within the secret government within the government, and Israeli factions within the CIA, with connections with "al Qaeda" within Libya, that pulled off the assassination. What Webster still needs to study is that Mormonism, its tenants, are very similar to Freemasonry (Hiram Smith/revenge for the persecution of the Smith brothers(like blaming Jews blaming Christians for their persecution), and this secret society's connection to other secret society and intelligence networks in the world (Kaballah, Rosicrucians, Knight Templar, Wahhabi and Salafists, Muslim Brotherhood). This mosaic of actors tried to "Carterize" Obama, but failed in the wake of "dueling electronic voting machines" and Hurricane Sandy (HAARP).

Is this guy for real? I'm

Is this guy for real? I'm fairly open-minded and enjoy listening to this show, but whenever Tarpley appears, I can't help thinking he's some kind of distractor - a misinformant. Have any of his theories been proven? Wasn't Tarpley one of the people questioning the legitimacy of Obama citizenship?

Right on Orson,my sentiments

Right on Orson,my sentiments exactly. I attend college and am sick of the institution touting "critical thinking" as the foundation of our "civilization." We cannot move ahead until the truth is known about the fabrication of September 11th (refuse to refer to the event as 911,doublespeak psychobabble in full effect).Until then, we are living in a non-reality.

As usual Tarpley's on point.

As usual Tarpley's on point. Bishop Romney's a lunatic and a hedge fun hyena, God help america!

Webster Tarpley is a

Webster Tarpley is a consummate scholar. I've heard him interviewed in Italian and French, and maybe he speaks German and Russian also. With brains like Dr. Tarpley in the world, it's incredible we choose to tolerate demagogues like Obama and shallow imbeciles like Bush. Thanks for what you do, Bonnie. I just can't understand why Amy Goodman is so quiet on the issues you raise. As dangerous as it might be to broach the 911 story, how is it possible to live with a lie that goes to the quick of our society? Can we thrive while our government is held hostage by a gang of sociopaths willing to use whatever means to get what they want? I think not.

Dr Tarpley dug us all out of

Dr Tarpley dug us all out of the sand we have been buried in by the corrupt financial ruling elite and helped us rediscover the world. We follow him where ever he chooses to speak, his words nourish the soul and heal our deconstructed political landscape. Thank you Bonnie for another ground breaking interview with this great man.

Tarpley is off the hook! He

Tarpley is off the hook! He was on Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad 2 days ago, and recently Jeff Rense and Tom Kiely's INN radio station.

You should all check his webiste site

Tarpley is an incredible story teller, never get tired of listening to him. He combines history, with humour, geopolitics and economics in a way no one else can.

Funny thing about the 9/11/12

Funny thing about the 9/11/12 Benghazi events.
Something coincidentally killed the CIA’s Edwin Wilson on the day before, 9/10/12.
Edwin Wilson had been jailed in 1984 for providing Libya with C4 explosives for the CIA, he claimed. CIA denied his claims. 2003 he was exonerated by a judge for having actually been working for CIA while he did this odd deed.
So he’s dead. Next day, ‘Libya explodes.’ US is the victim, not the perp.
Edwin Wilson’s death is conveniently sublimated in the news cycle until 9/20/12 after lots of coverage of the US as ‘victim of terrorists in Libya.’ Hmmm. So many birds with one stone, that stone being the CIA’s ‘Innocence of Muslims’ video, the ability to dispose of an ambassador in a fracas, and control of the media to reinforce the cover story of 9/11/01 – crazy violent religious extremists! – and bury that old Edwin Wilson- CIA-terrorism problem. During the VP debate this week the first subject was the death of a US ambassador in Benghazi. Both the ‘moderator,’ Martha Raddatz, and the current VP, Joe Biden, are high-level spooks pretending to play civilian roles and needing, for the satisfaction of the many US State Department/CIA foreign service officers, to smooth over the sacrifice play that was made of one of their own (just like CIA station chief Welch in Greece during the Church Committee hearings of ’75-’76) to keep The Big Game in play and out of the understanding of the masses.
See also the 9/9/10 PG&E alleged gas pipeline explosion that put 9/11-esque images on the front page of most CIA-newpapers for 9/11 AND masked the FBI's attempt dispose of evidence of a pipebomb used against environmentalist, Judi Bari. She survived the FBI's pipebomb and went on to acquire documents on the FBI's attempt to trick patsies into using thermite to take down electrical power towers. Problem - thermite was also found in the NYC dust after the World Trade Center's three buildings were demolished. This is an 'inconvenient truth' about false-flag terrorism by alphabet agencies in the U.S. Nothing like conveniently-timed sabotage/murder to steer the news cycle away from dangerous truths.

Yes this is what I am talking

Yes this is what I am talking about. I want to hear topics such as this. You will never hear this on the corporate owned media.
Thank you Bonnie!

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