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Behind the News with Doug Henwood - October 18, 2012 at 12:00pm

Behind the News with Doug Henwood, for October 18, 2012 - 12:00pm

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Hi Doug, I'm listening to

Hi Doug,

I'm listening to the interview on the strike at Walmart -- and its context -- and it's one of the most fascinating and valuable interviews I've heard on your show. After all, I don't think I'll get this much info on this topic anywhere else. And so far, I'd not even heard of it anywhere else ..though I've been busy lately.

**BUT** please, please, return to using Skype -- even with the dropouts that Skype causes sometimes, it's FAR easier on one's ears than than a dreadfully lo-fi, tinny & treble-heavy telephone interview.

I never had trouble understanding what's being said in a Skype interview -- even when most of a word drops out, it's easy to figure out and fill in, and one does it without consciously noticing.

But this phone interview is hard to decipher. It reqs all my attention, and periodic trips to my computer to do a rewind. (No iPod here. I listen to your show as I work in the kitchen with a high-quality computer speaker placed in my kitchen, using a long extension cable that reaches down the hall & around the corner to my laptop PC.)

Enough said. Please keep up the good work, but do so using Skype, please. (I was unhappy w/ audio quality of the phone interviews long before you began trying Skype, btw. So this was a problem, I thought, long before any solution presented itself. And now, there is a solution, and even w/ it's faults -- and w/ the logistical challenges it might involve -- it beats a telephone interview.

The growth of Walmart would

The growth of Walmart would seem to coordinate with a diminution of the petit-bourgeoisie, as shops in towns and cities across the country disappear. Could you possibly comment on this in a future show?

Doug, I loved your commentary


I loved your commentary as I read it at lunch, then heard it again on your podcast this evening driving home. All I can say is: there is no changing these dem-bots. I've been trying for three years. I have yet to have a single one "turn", or even say "I see your point" for that matter. I've had people tell me I'm the nicest guy they know at work, so I know (at least I think) I'm not coming off as gruff or pushy. You are the second person I have read this year to write that you think a second term might radicalize people (Paul Street being the first). I would bet my paycheck that that will not be the case. They will continue to blame the republicans, and the times when that is just not enough, they will turn to the "blue dogs". I might agree with you guys if the dems had good control of H+S. But, with divided government, the blame game - and the big fakeout of all the dem voters will continue. I expect Obama's second term to be much like Clinton's, but more like the term Clinton wanted to have. Remember: Clinton was ready to make a deal similar to the "grand bargain", then the madness with Monica went into full gear. Boring Barry doesn't have those bones in his closet. Look for your and my entitlements to get cut, and look for your fellow democratic friends to not give a sh*t. People didn't seem to give a crap when decent retirement programs were ended and replaced with 401Ks, why would they give a crap over this? I'm 41 years old - I don't think I've ever heard a single other person I know or work with ever say the line that I've said to my wife too many times: Why didn't people go ape-sh*t when this happened? Why didn't anyone ever say: hey, my dad and grandpa got much better than this 401k sh*t, what's up with this?! So - who is going to care when Obama and the Corporate parties strike a grand bargain to give the entitlement programs a "little haircut"? Guess this is why we've had this payroll tax cut - they know they'll never need to pay it back.

I love your show, Doug - today's was great, especially the first segment.

Take care,

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