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The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari - October 28, 2012 at 9:00am

The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari, for October 28, 2012 - 9:00am

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How academics and others can

How academics and others can talk rationally about a state which is really run by a bunch of gangsters is annoying. These people you have on are the same anti depressants and barbiturates that the ruling class are feeding to the more aggressive elements of society. I'm tired of listening to these soothing voices. Bob Scheer is more my style.

Philip, Good show as usual,


Good show as usual, but of course I don't completely agree with any of your guests.

1. In examining the Tea Party, your guest greatly understates the race factor. There was an article written in the New Yorker Magazine during the run-up to the 2008 election of Barack Obama. They interviewed a man from West Virginia - a pro union, life long Democratic who was opposed to mountain top removal, etc. He said he could not vote for Barack Obama, because he was a black man. He went on to state that it would mean that white people would be under black people. This feeling runs deep and is profound within the white community.
2. None of your guest clearly states a fundamental problem in the US – our unstated industrial policy. It is the dismantling of our civilian industrial base. Yes, this is the policy. So, President Obama absolutely will not call out Sensada as an example of a policy which he supports or is told to support – hence his flip-flop on NFTA and secret negotiations of TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership
3. It can be strongly argued that selecting Barack Obama to be President was a masterful stroke by the our ruling elite. He runs as a Democratic, but is a staunch conservative on fiscal, monetary and trade policies and is 100% loyal to our elites and especially the big banks.


Barofsky: ‘Geithner Admitted To Us Privately That Obama’s Housing Policy Was DESIGNED To Sacrifice Homeowners In Order To “FOAM THE RUNWAY” For The Banks’
You can read the entire article here and there is a short video:

The bad news is even worse. Mitt Romney would bring back the Bush Jr. Neo-con foreign policy team and decimate what is left of our New Deal Programs. My fear is that Romney could lead us into a military confrontation with with Russia and China. These crazy Neo-cons actually believe that they can win a nuclear war! Pick you lesser evil and weep.

correction...."the other

correction...."the other woman guest who practically stated that most left voters are uneducated and can't understand why they shouldn't vote for Democrats."

Wow....this show is growing

Wow....this show is growing more and more liberal by the week. This weekend's guests were really appalling pretending to act like the Tea Party is something OTHER than an astro-turf Koch brothers tiny club (like it is) and then the other woman guest who practically stated that most left voters are uneducated and can't understand why they should vote for Democrats....not like there is anything to VOTE FOR in that corporate party! It is getting to the point that weekend KPFA morning shows are too lame to listen to anymore. I'm bored!

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