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Democracy Now! (6 am) - October 29, 2012 at 6:00am

Democracy Now! (6 am), for October 29, 2012 - 6:00am

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Democracy Now!

Bill McKibben on Hurricane Sandy and Climate Change: "If There Was Ever a Wake-up Call, This Is It"; Frankenstorm: Meteorologist Warns Hurricane Sandy an Outgrowth of Global Warming’s Extreme Weather; Nuclear Plants from Virginia to Vermont Could Be Impacted from Massive Hurricane Sandy; Hurricane Sandy Kills 51 in Haiti, Leaving Behind Fears of Disease Outbreak and Growing Toll.

October 29, 2012

    U.S. Prepares for Hurricane Sandy, Largest Storm in Decades
    Sandy Kills 66 in Haiti, Cuba
    NYC Closes Schools and Subways, Orders Evacuations
    Obama, Romney Cancel Campaign Events as Storm Nears
    4 Killed in U.S. Drone Strikes in Yemen
    Fighting Continues in Syria Despite Ceasefire
    U.N. Rapporteur Urges Boycott of Corporations Tied to Israeli Settlements
    Planned Parenthood Files New Lawsuit Against Texas Funding Ban
    Environmental Groups Seek Higher Monitoring of Fracking Toxins
    U.S. Questions Pakistani Politician on Opposition to Drones


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no need for showers,

no need for showers, airplanes instead, much more convenient, making us dead.

Why are we not outraged? I

Why are we not outraged? I wrote a poem about this called "Fairfax Falling" I said it's just like the holocaust - we keep on our clothes, go on with our lives, no need for showers, airplanes instead, much more convenient, making us dead.

Former TV weatherman Scott

Former TV weatherman Scott Stevens - featured in the film, Why in the World are They Spraying? - discussed geoengineering as it directly relates to Hurricane Sandy on The Power Hour radio show earlier today.

Are you kidding me?!!!!

Are you kidding me?!!!! Global warming...oops...I mean Climate change...what a crock and a half! Ever read the Weather Modification Act? Up much on the world-wide practice of cloud seeding and laying chemtrails? Ever heard of geo-engineering? Wait, let me answer that. Yes. You have. There is no way that you haven't. I know 8 year olds that know what geo-engineering is. HAARP ring a bell? NASA published an article (they helped the navy fund and create HAARP) where they ADMITTED that they were directly involved with the Fukishima quake!! DUH! DOUBLE DUH! Katrina, Haiti, Japan, the flooding of the midwest, tornados and hurricanes in California, record highs AND lows, crop failure (due to flooding and lack of photosynthesis from the sun being blocked out by chemtrails), weird cloud formations never seen before, 30mph winds during the hottest months of summer? Seriously? Two words for ya. MAN MADE!! All of it. Global warming...ooops...I mean Climate change is perhaps the most elaborate hoax ever carried out on the citizens of this planet. It is a multi-trillion dollar INDUSTRY. It is keeping us in fear, keeping us guilty, keeping us distracted and giving clear control to the 'powers that be' over our weather, our health, our food supply, our water supply, our air quality, our pocket books, our safety and whether we live or die. It is, in and of itself, bad enough of a scam and harmful, but it also is the catalyst for much, much more. Wake up. Enough.

p.s. isn't it unbelievably

p.s. isn't it unbelievably interesting that 99% of the country's nuclear facilities are built on fault lines?

This past winter we often

This past winter we often heard the term,'Snowmegeddon' bantered around by the press. Now we are witnessing the impact of the so-called Frankenstorm, Hurricane Sandy. In recent years there have been devastating fires, prolonged droughts, and powerful tornadoes and earthquakes with a force unprecedented in our lifetimes. This type of weather activity is not normal, and to attribute their cause to global warming is, in my view, a cop-out. President Clinton's Defense Secretary, William Cohen, is quoted for saying back in 1997 that eco-terrorists are engaged in an type of terrorism "whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves." This is not fantasy in the sky. Nikola Tesla developed and demonstrated the ability to create artificial earthquakes many decades ago, and his research experiments fell into the hands of the Americans and Russians after his death in 1943. The Father of the Hydrogen Bomb, the late Edward Teller, is on record for writing a scientific paper in the 1990s that proposed deployment of metallic particles in the upper atmosphere to mitigate the warming of our planet. It is no coincidence that since the late 1990s, people worldwide have noticed that our skies above are being bombarded constantly with streaky lines from passing planes that morph into a murky shade of white and obscure the sunlight. The appearance of chemtrails in the sky often precede a monumental weather event. Hurricane Sandy is no exception.

" warming's extreme

" warming's extreme weather" ??

seriously? i do not believe for a minute that you are unaware of the world-wide geo-engineering programs taking out our skies and the sun with man-made 'clouds' and causing weather anomalies and disasters across the globe including hurricane sandy. not for a minute.

your 'picking and choosing' of truths especially when so many lives are at stake (how inconvenient for life on the planet that so many nuclear plants are at risk) is disingenuous at best.

hurricane sandy is man-made.

it's time to man-up amy. no matter what. before it's too late.

So Amy hits it out of the

So Amy hits it out of the ball park when it comes to GMO's and most other subjects but why are we still pussyfooting around the worldwide program of geoengineering. I took a hike as I usually do and all across the sky as is most often the case are the planes making a white layer and what we now call in California and around the world, sewing up the skies. We start with a hot beautiful day and the next thing you know-it's gone! Hot color sunsets crisscrossed skies with chemtrails- please someone be brave enough to investigate this topis more thourughly- after many hard fought battles we are now allowed to speak- except for the tieckert crowd, about 9/11. Here are some resources Amy- I'm sure others besides me have sent them to you- you could start with the commonwealth club link alone, tho there are many others- thanks for your beautiful show- Valeri Hood Why in the world are they spraying?
v=mEfJO0-cTis&feature=related What in the world are they spraying? Catherine Austin Fitts Solari Report Unanswered Questions About Chemtrails. Rosalind Peterson- chemtrail coverup My personal favorite- but it is very long

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