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Democracy Now! (9 am) - November 1, 2012 at 9:00am

Democracy Now! (9 am), for November 1, 2012 - 9:00am

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Regarding the Democracy Now

Regarding the Democracy Now program 11/01/2012
I am not impressed that the first guest belongs to some group that got the
Nobel Peace Prize for contriving officially useful positions on weather; t
hat prize is surely over rated and reflects a political agenda that appears to
have no relation to peace.
Why is there never any mention of chemtrails. For years the skies have been
blanketed intermittently with chemtrails which are not contrails. The latter
are water vapor lasting minutes. Chemtrails have usually been identified as
containing very fine particles of heavy metals, notwithstanding that dispersing
such fine particles is likely illegal; and chemtrails are not exhaust but are from
canisters attached to aircraft. In Canada, researcher and radio host Alan Watt
identified the NATO aircraft as being the dispersers of chemtrails. It may
well be so here. I go to Palm Springs every few months and always see a show
of crisscross, tattooed skies, much more than in S.F. where overcast can obscure the
Amy Goodman has apparently bought the party-line and seeks to instill it in the
accurate information starved listening public.
Although there may be an apparent trend toward weather change, I have found the
arguments against it, climate change, being significantly attributable to human activity
most convincing. Except for chemtrails, which are organized human military based
activity that may well effect short term changes which are then used by the power elite
mass media as if representing a long term trend supposedly caused by ordinary modern
human behavior.
I have never heard any alternative to the party line of the hostile elite arguments adequately
articulated on KPFA. For Amy and KPFA, only the party line need be considered.
On the Morning Show this last Sunday 10/28/2012 one of Phillip M's guests, David Johnson,
mentioned that in the Bush II years, 50,000 American factories were moved to Communist
China alone, i.e. not counting ones moved to North Vietnam, India, or elsewhere. Surely
that in itself should have reduced the American pollution by a vast amount, yet I hear no let
up on the assault on America represented by this fictional cause of climate change. Though
climate change may prove to be a naturally occurring cyclical reality long term, it is
exploited for political ends and meshed with disinformation by the same power elite who
control the government, and the mass media and are simultaneously deploying a weaponized
powerfully toxic wifi smart meter device/grid control scheme and slow kill assault [breakage
of DNA and the Blood Brain Barrier] on the American people, and elsewhere in the West
by a hostile elite who are not nationalists, and view the rest of the human population as animals
to be used and controlled ruthlessly.
The same people who caused the removal of the two hundred years of tariff structure under
which America blossomed into a rich manufacturing nation, are likely behind the disinformation
weather change agenda and the wifi smart meter device/grid assaults on the American people.
KPFA if it had not been hijacked would be and should be a leader in exposing the reality
behind the lies and the assaults on Americans; not adjuncts to that agenda; KPFA ought to be
serving and protecting it's listeners with multifaceted information that would fortify the
listening public against the manipulation onslaughts by the mass media of a hostile elite.
What are the chemtrails doing and why? How is it that they are routinely ignored by KPFA?
Is weather being manipulated to push a political agenda that seeks to use putative "global warming"
as a rationale for further debasement of America/the West by a hostile elite composed apparently of genetic familial psychopaths? These are the questions that beg to be answered.
Amy, stop rushing from town to town for a while and take a little time to try to look behind the scrim of official truth; and listen for sounds beyond the party-line reality; though it be repeated over and over and over, that does not make it true.

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