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The Morning Mix Project Censored - November 9, 2012 at 8:00am

The Morning Mix, for November 9, 2012 - 8:00am

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How the Tea Party, Gang of

How the Tea Party, Gang of Six, and Senate Liberals Saved Obama and the Nation

"Sometimes a nation gets lucky. In July 2011, the leaders of both of our dominant parties tried to follow the insane austerity policies that were throwing the Eurozone back into recession. The result would have been catastrophic for the nation, Obama, and the Democratic Party. We were saved for all the wrong reasons. Republican members of the Gang of Six’s effort were so eager to unravel the safety net (and its Democratic members so willing to betray the safety net) that they agreed to modest increases in tax revenues in return for severe cuts in the safety net. The House Tea Party coalition was death on taxes and removed much of Boehner’s negotiating leverage. Two groups that exasperate Obama – liberals and the Tea Party – saved him from himself and saved our nation from suffering a second recession. The amazing thing is that the first thing Obama wanted to do upon being re-elected was to re-up on the Great Betrayal – and that the media still loves the idea and views anyone who opposes it as unserious and un-American. We obviously fail to understand the obvious: austerity is “imperative … to prevent a disaster.”"

On today’s program Peter

On today’s program Peter said, “What’s really important here (is inaction by ‘generic government’” reinforcing the concept that government is a vague evil in the minds of most Americans. It marginalizes the concept of government as neutral–good or bad depending on the elected officials that control it. Rather than generalizing government, it necessary to be spacifc. When government is the lead without the specifics of who controls the government., generic government is the dominent “frame. ” The specifics become and incidental, unimportant after thought.

Now, it is Obama, the Obama Administration, and Obama appointed Attorney Eric Holder who we must hold responsible.

For the past four years, the Obama Administration and Obama appointed Attorney General, Eric Holder, have been less than tepid enforcing the law when it comes to Wall Street and the Baknsters. All one has to do to find the why is follow the money starting with Obama relationship with Penny Pritzker the Queen of Sub-Prime.

It TIME to support left alternative parties and their candidates, or the Duopoly/Corporate worst that has existed will continue and grow because that is what malignancies do.

If the so called left continues to support the status quo of the “lesser evil,” what you gona do, what you gona do when Obama and the Duopoly come for you.

The Fiscal “Cliff” and the
Dr. Stephanie Kelton’s C-SPAN

Dr. Stephanie Kelton’s C-SPAN presentation on the Fiscal Cliff

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