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Pacifica Radio Archives Fund Drive - November 13, 2012 at 3:00pm

KPFA Special Broadcast, for November 13, 2012 - 3:00pm

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Pacifica Radio Archives Fund Drive

Pacifica Radio Archives 11th Annual Campus Campaign National Fund Drive Broadcast.


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Didn't we just have a fund

Didn't we just have a fund raising drive in september. Since then I have heard a lot of advertising for events to benefit LiSTENER SUPPORTED RADIO. Advertising events with ticket costs of 15, 20, 50 dollar price tags to befit LiSTENER SUPPORTED RADIO
So my subscription is paying for the privilege to be presented with advertising and other fund raising drives to sustain the enterprise that provides fund raising drives so that I can pay for the privilege of paying for fund raising drives and associated fund raising activities.
So now we have another fund raiser for something else, then there is the Xmas consumer spectacle to raise funds for KPFA LiSTENER SUPPORTED Fund Raising Events on the Radio.
You're right I can not afford the excellent services that KPFA LISTENER SPONSORED RADIO provides
This is not to belittle or deny the quality that comes as the filler /excuse for all of this fund raising Sash Lilly was on the other day and she was brilliant. As she was so informative, presenting such clarity into the subject matter and yet rather than a steady diet of quality information I pay for fund raising .

Before the election no one ever said his name but the support that was unspecified candidate "Mr. Blue" , (other wise know as the suave face of big brother) was glaringly clear.
I paid for the subliminal endorsement of a fascist by KPFA LISTENER SPONSORED RADIO
Oh that's right all the other candidates got the level of non- endorsement I just couldn't hear it.
The focus on the Blue Candidate and his most unworthy advisory seemed to indicate that KPFA LISTENER SPONSORED RADIO had been paid to focus primarily on the RED and BLUE candidates. Stop doing there dirty work for free and get paid to be the hand maiden of neo-liberal politics
Chris Hedges talks about how liberalism functions and KPFA LISTENER SPONSORED RADIO fits right into his description of the tepid political agenda of the liberal establishment. KPFA LISTENER SPONSORED RADIO used to be a source of radical leftist activity , a hot bed of revolutionary zeal, the only thing KPFA LISTENER SPONSORED RADIO would ever be called before a senate select hearing committee to testify about would be for the names and addresses of the providers of the great food provided from the gourmet ghetto for the fund raising volunteers manning the phones.
A friend of mine lamented about KPFA LISTENER SPONSORED RADIO 30 years ago saying yah , but they only play Albert Ayler or John Coltrane durning fund raisers when they want my money, he rest of the time it's Pete Seeger, Bette Midler and Music from the Hearts of Space

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