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Father Figures - November 24, 2012 at 10:00am

, for November 24, 2012 - 10:00am

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Interesting first point

Interesting first point above. Now that Latinos are seen as an important voting bloc, there will be attempts to get them as indoctrinated as the mass of Caucasian Americans as to which "side" of the rightwing to support, the futility of being idealistic, the impossibility of making a change, the disdain of "politics" as trivial and unimportant, the importance of not learning about the issues, the equal importance of both "sides" - the truthful side and the liars - and to pretend they both have equal legitimacy, to leave policy to the "experts", etc.
We should work against these attempts to subvert their political intelligence. This is not a futile endeavor, given the continuing great political savvy we see in the black population, which has always seen through the lies.

Latinos are breaking they

Latinos are breaking they necks for the white cards & the repugs are ready to print them up.Latinos will become the new honorary whites[sickening]just like Pollocks irish & italians[They are the niggers of the white race latinos step on up!

Great Show! Black & Brown

Great Show!
Black & Brown unity is a must we have been divided & conquered.
As much as i believe we can all overcome together.The reality of anti black attitudes in the Latin community will never allow it to happen.Lets keep it real everyone of my so called Latinos friends parents are straight racist.Ask your latin homies,they'll tell you that they have brought into white lies about blacks!Real talk.

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