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The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari - November 25, 2012 at 9:00am

The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari, for November 25, 2012 - 9:00am

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Brendan appears misled by his

Brendan appears misled by his own misinformation. Each to his own on that score,eh?

11/25/2012 Where does Phillip

Where does Phillip get his guests? Today's second hour guest seemed to me to
be a trove of misinformation, albeit party-line stuff.
This is a time, so many years after the end of WW II when truth should be emerging
and it is emerging just not on the Morning Show.
Most everything the guest stated sounded misleading or inaccurate to my ear.
If anyone cares about this matter of Hitler's break with international banking
and his military build-up relative to that of his neighbors, the truth is out there.
When Hitler was elected in 1933 powerful international Jewish organizations declared
war on Germany, as phrased by one British headline of the day; they organized
a devastating boycott of German imports in many countries including the USA.
Germany was deeply traumatized by the depression and as well was gretly dependent on exports to import food as much of it's food was imported.
As for England not wanting war; that was true of the people but it was not true of Winston Churchill who was purchased by a group identified by historian David Irving as "The Focus Group" a group of very wealthy individuals bent on war on Germany.
Germany and France declared war on Germany [not vice versa], and started WW II.
Germany invaded Poland after failed negotiations to have a part of Germany returned, which had been taken from Germany and given to Poland by the power players of the Versailles treaty.
The USSR also invaded Poland in an invasion of conquest several weeks after
Germany invaded. Yet Churchill and the leaders of France just declared war n Germany!
I can't believe Phil's question as why people would choose fascists over communists!!!!
The Germans had suffered an attempted coup by Jewish communists after WW I.
The Germans would have been well aware of the nightmare of the USSR Jewish created and controlled Bolshevik government war on it's gentile population.
It is now admitted that the USSR killed 40 million of it's own citizens; but other estimates are far greater.
In 1932-33 the USSR Jewish Bolshevik controlled government starved to death 7 million
kulaks, independent farmers in the Ukraine in the most cruel and hideous fashion
that horrified all the peoples bordering the Jewish utopian USSR entity.
This information is greatly suppressed but I am shocked that Phil seems unaware of the horror, the horror represented by Jewish Communism which is what was imposed on the Russian people with huge foreign financing.
The satanic reporter from the New York Times, intimate friend of Alestair Crowley and member of his secret order, provided completely false news coverage to the NY Times
about the Homodor--the intentional starvation of the Ukrainian kulaks.
However, in Europe and England the nightmare did receive coverage. passengers on trains
at the time found that the window shades were required to be pulled down and one was not permitted to look out the windows of USSR trains passing through the area of enforced Ukrainian famine known as the HOMODOR. See documentary "Harvest of Despair".
Probably this material is covered in Juri Luna' s "Under The Sign Of The Scorpion" which
can be found as a free eBook online.
Now is the time to find the truth about Nazi German and Hitler, and the history of the USSR. This is all information that has been suppressed but is seeping out and there is
now much to be found by virtue of the internet. I wish KPFA would investigate
what is true and what is not and would explore the history of the USSR; a topic we Americans are much deprived of. We are in fact starved for accurate history with KPFA
being on the wrong side of truth. Instead it presents party-line history.
Surely it is time for KPFA to find it's way to discard all agendas except the search for
truthfull and accurate history for the sake of all; for only thus can we learn any lessons from history.

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