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Guns and Butter - December 19, 2012 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for December 19, 2012 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"D.C. Emergency Truth Convergence, Part One" with David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, Reverend Dorothy Mackey, Jenna Orkin, Ray McGovern and Morgan Reynolds. Part One of a recording of speakers at the historic Emergency Truth Convergence event in Layfayette Park across the street from the White House which brought together 9/11 Truth, anti-war, Oklahoma City bombing, USS Liberty, and many other groups to form a united front against lies and murder, July 23, 2005.

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I was rather disappointed.

I was rather disappointed. Instead of learning more about 9/11 I listened to a hodge podge of issues that while they point to a tyrannical government didn’t offer any solutions nor presented a way for Americans to come together. Most distressing was the speech Dorothy Mackey…wow is all I can say. While I am deeply sorry for the assault committed against her, signing UN agreements aren't’ going to protect woman and children any more than they are today. Moreover the UN’s track record concerning sex slaves, trafficking, pedophilia and rape are abundant and miles long. No, the answer is more to the recommendation of Ron Paul. Get out from all of this. But it would have been great if the one consistent voice of peace and non-interventionism and truth was there, and that would have been Ron Paul.

Hm, thanks for your comments,

Hm, thanks for your comments, Brian. I'll keep your UN comments in mind, as I listen to this broadcast. But I cannot share your enthusiasm for Ron Paul as our hero or saviour or champion of "peace and noninterventionism." If Ron Paul truly stands for such principles, how does one explain his subscription to the Republican Party? If Ron Paul was truly principled, he would fight for democracy in general by fighting for a multi-party system, not just fight for his own self-promotion while enabling the two-party dictatorship. The same goes for token progressives in the Democrat Party, such as Kucinich and others. We must consider those seemingly progressive Democrats and Republicans within their proper context, as part of a broader--unprincipled--political party. I'm sorry, Brian, but we won't be saved by a lone figure, such as Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich. We can only be saved by having a multi-party system where a truly grassroots opposition party can flourish and by waking the people up to what it really means to have democratic elections with more than just two colluding and monopolistic political parties.

Where is the download button?

Where is the download button? I missed the broadcast and want to listen to it on my portable device, but your "Click to Play" function doesn't work on my blackberry. Please make this broadcast available as a download.

And what's this business about the audio archive only being made available until January 2, 2013? So much for KPFA promoting the free flow of information when audio archives have sunset clauses to subtly censor or delete the public commons/archives. Weak.

Yes! Thanks for making this

Yes! Thanks for making this broadcast available to download. Now, I can download and listen to this. Thanks. Now, if only KPFA will stop closing the commentary sections to KPFA audio archives we can have a fuller dynamic of listener engagement. When people come across the archive of a radio broadcast months or even years later, they should still be able to contribute commentary, not be censored from doing so after only a few weeks after the broadcast. Thank you.

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