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The Visionary Activist -Translating the Light - December 27, 2012 at 2:00pm

The Visionary Activist Show, for December 27, 2012 - 2:00pm

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The Visionary Activist -Translating the Light

Tonight's Full Moon translates the Light of Maya Solstice 2012.
Caroline, just returned from Chichen Itza, inviting us all to toss the dross of spiritual colonialism into the year-end cauldron, and ladle out spirals of liberating grace and manners, that we invite the Trickster Redeemer to be born in all of our hearts...

The Returning of the Light - We Get Another Chance!
to set the world to order, as the Seven Lords of Time have reconvened to do, and we with them: to conjure wise leadership, within and without.

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If it were anybody else I

If it were anybody else I heard on KPFA criticize, big time, (New Age) "spiritual colonialism" concerning the Mayan thing at the Winter Solstice, while in the same breath downplaying the "secular social critic" and eschewing "herumphitude," I would have thought it was a bit hypocritical on their part. But in the Visionary Activist's case, herumphitude has rarely found such a vajra-discriminating, clear-eyed and eloquent spokesman! Praise be leaden-gross herumphitude composted/transformed into the gold of higher Herumphitude!

It's such a necessary spiritually feisty service performed, especially for those of us *independent spiritual seekers*, who have had--just because of the very problems outlined by the Visionary Activist--to distance ourselves form the New Age movement (the visionary requirement to "step outside the group"). Every time I hear this kind of program from Caroline Casey, I thank our lucky stars that such a trickster-wise being is on radio!

That said, for some time now I've had a bit of a problem--and I say this with all the mannered etiquette I can muster--with Caroline Casey's hard-and-fast separation between the "secular social critic" and (for lack of a better term) the "trickster-mystic." (I have to admit that I don't understand the need to put the adjective "secular" in front of "social critic".) No, my problem is not making a working *distinction* between the two archetypal roles in the community, but the *over-emphasis* Caroline Casey puts on the difference. I understand and can get with the spirit of it, but not the letter of it.

To explain. There's an *irony* in the fact that almost everything CC said in her last show (and much of that in her proceeding one with her two scholarly-Mayan guests) came from the "social critic" in her. Indeed, she explicitly stated that it was her job to be "spicy critical." It has been my experience that--especially for the mystically inclined--if one does not have this essential tool in their "magic backpack," they would be lost in a New-Age sea of spiritual mumbo-jumbo and get eaten by the exploitative guru-sharks that infest these waters. That is to say that innate INTELLIGENCE is a divine gift, as precious as Faith (or whatever you want to call it). CC has also mentioned the virtue of Courage. Im my opinion, (gnostic)Intelligence and Courage go together. If you question this, try (like CC related of some of her experiences in the Mayan sites in the Yucatan) being in a large arena with a New Age crowd going along with whatever cult huckster on stage tells them, and standing up to dissent from the group-think! Find yourself spiritually exiled and you will appreciate the essential value of the "secular social critic."

Thus in the spirit of "anything becomes tyrannical, if not challenged," I have to say I highly value the "social critic" in all of us, as we begin to emerge from the new age (same as the old-age) of authoritarian spirituality. Does that mean that all of us aren't "befoibled" and can't take the "social critic" to extremes? Of course not! But that doesn't necessarily mean that the "social critic" should take a backseat to the "trickster-mystic" (as I feel CC sometimes intimates). If, like CC, you value *irony* as a mode of being in the world, then you must value the "critic", because irony is one of its features. CC stated that where New Age spirituality is concerned "we gotta have some standards," which is exactly the domain of the "social critic," as I'm sure CC well knows! Which is to say that "criticism" should not be reduced (as I feel that CC sometimes does) to simple (grumpy) *complaining*. No, to the great "social critic" also belongs "metaphor, language, story"--and imagination!

So here's where I must dissent from CC's take on this issue. At her/his best, "the social critic" doesn't stop at the "mirror to society" mode--sheer and helpless analysis, whereupon the "trickster-mystic" must take over in order to make it a window and, finally, a door, as CC has it. Okay, I'll give CC the "door" part ("let's go!"), but not the "window" part. THE SOCIAL CRITIC par excellence is able, through their insightful analysis of an issue, not only lay bare the illusions for all to see, but, through the very same penetrating, in-depth analysis, open you--so you see through the illusion--to VISION ("the window"). In other words, *the analytical de-construction becomes imaginative re-construction*. This dual-use way of *criticism* is both "mirror" and "window"--and thus we also get from the "social critic": "Look how beautiful it could be!"

BTW, my inner "social critic" is relentless; in that it allows me to see that this compartmentalization of the roles of "secular social critic" and "trickster-mystic" should properly, at a deeper level, also be part of what CC's *cool* critique of New Age "spiritual colonialism." How *ironic*! At the mental level of colonialism, one of the problems within the external problem of this "spiritual colonialism" is the compartmentalization of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. According to this popular New-Age myth, the *good* "right brain" is all intuitive and fuzzy feeling, while the *bad* "left brain" is all analytical and cold logic. Of course, we know it's much more complicated than this--and, by the same token, so is the concomitant compartmentalization between the (left-brained) "social critic" and the (right-brained) "trickster-mystic." (And, for that matter, to emphasize the "social critic" as "secular" is perhaps to maintain the worn-out New-Age split between *sacred* and *profane*.)

But wait! There's an *irony* here. With Caroline Casey, her theoretical compartmentalizing of the two archetypal roles is undermined and transcended by her own performance on radio (esp. her last show)--the Visionary Activist; i.e., the Visionary Critic! Woof, Woof!

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