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Letters and Politics - December 28, 2012 at 10:00am

Letters and Politics, for December 28, 2012 - 10:00am

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I was just re-reading thought

I was just re-reading thought the booklet: ‘Bob Avakian on Anarchism’, and it mentions the infantilism of revisionist thinking, and rightist essence of Anarchism, --please don’t be offended. The errors of Anarchism were in an ultimately reformist outlook working against real revolution. Bob Avakian is the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, you can check out his writings by visiting Anarchy, says Avakian, is an expression of petty bourgeois thinkng, and not really radically transforming all of the society, in terms of the concrete material forces: they represent a certain strata of petty proprietors or petty bourgeois, owners of property as well as working people who have more or less a sort of artisan outlook. Ultimately it is the viewpoint of a radical democrat, and this type of thinking influences developing radicals (who are potential revolutionaries) in a bad way. Anarchy is an outlook that gets in the way of real revolution that has a chance of winning. The importance of leadership is key in the communist critique of anarchism. Individualism is also a major problem with Anarchist thinking. Often there is left rhetoric in place of more openly bourgeois politicking but in essence these radicals are not making a clean break with bourgeois ideology. Anarchy is ultimately an expression of the outlook of the petty bourgeoisie. Sometimes Anarchists have very radical opposition to the established imperialist order or the dictatorship of the rich. Anarchy also ultimately has many aspects that in the final analysis reinforces and serves that system.

Why did the busload of

Why did the busload of conservatives go over the fiscal cliff?

A: They bought the propaganda of the odious John Boehner hook, line and sinker. (And didn't listen to Letters & Politics!)

In contrast, progressives, commies, and anarchists stand on the solid ground of history.

Dear Mitch, Really love your

Dear Mitch,

Really love your show and try to listen every day. Today you had a very interesting speaker whose name is Russ Wygan (sp?) aka Tom Paine -- I couldn't catch the last name and couldn't find him either in script on KPFA or Google. (Don't have time right now to hear the entire program). If you have time would you let me know?

Happy New Year and a lot of love and appreciation from me,

Why did the Americans go off

Why did the Americans go off the fiscal cliff? Because of the people at the steering wheel.

Why did the bus load of

Why did the bus load of anarchists go off a cliff? There was nobody at the steering wheel.

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