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Flashpoints - December 28, 2012 at 5:00pm

Flashpoints, for December 28, 2012 - 5:00pm

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My first time seeing that

My first time seeing that video. I could make comments about Kerry, but the cops in that video showed the reality of the situation better than any discussion of his life of privilege and manipulation. They knew by instinct that the questioner was transgressing when posing his questions because of his lack of deference. In the end they took him down for the crime of lese majeste (or at least its aristocratic equivalent). US culture is one of virtual worship of elites - political elites, military elites, celebs, it doesn't matter. There is a genuine belief abroad that these are superior beings and that being impolite to them, gainsaying them, being angry at them is a form of crime. The irony is that most of them, like Kerry, are lowlife parasites far less worthy of respect than the average person.

Sorry. My comment below was

Sorry. My comment below was supposed to be in reply to prior comment - I thought it would be posted as part of thread from original comment. The video I mention was 2007 video of student being tased at John Kerry speech mentioned in first comment.

Regarding John Kerry: I

Regarding John Kerry:

I adhere to the view that open democratic societies are successful and maintained through humble piecemeal work and that our committment is not something we can or should turn on and off.

So someone promising to do the right thing when on a high profile national stage who won't lift a finger in simple, isolated situations -- as if they are of no importance --is not someone I believe adheres to the values I feel are essential to us as a nation.

I have a negative impression of John Kerry and it is not one I acquired from reviewing his positions on national and international policy, it came from how he acted in response to an abuse of power that took place right in front of him.

In 2007, on Constitution Day, he spoke before a group of college students at the University of Florida in Gainesville. A viral video came out of that talk when a student who was asking questions during the Q&A was stopped and tased unnecessarily right in front of Kerry. Kerry did nothing. He ignored it as if this new age of tasing everybody like prodding cattle is totally normal.

Kerry could have and should have said something to stop the tasing.
If he was worried it would incite overly enthusiastic cheers from the audience, he could have stepped down from the stage and walked to the guard doing the tasing and spoke in soft tones for him to stop.

He could have said something diplomatic to prevent the tasing, like, "It's OK officer, I'll take one more question"

I know for a fact that had I been in his shoes, I could have quickly mediated it and prevented it without incident, period. So I consider him utterly incompetent.

I came away from the video with this very deep impression of incompetence of Kerry, of him as a sorely passive, supremely ineffective sell-out with not even a shadow of his wife's hutzpah who has no business in public life. I was deeply offended by it and still am. The road to totalitarianism is paved with John Kerries.

Copies of the video are still on the web and there is a wikipedia entry on the incident.

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