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Flashpoints - January 1, 2013 at 5:00pm

Flashpoints, for January 1, 2013 - 5:00pm

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Haiti is rich beyond

Haiti is rich beyond measure Author: Karen Melander-Magoon)
Haiti is rich beyond measure
Fecund in its land
Wealthy with treasures beneath its soils
Rich with history and beauty
Rich with ideas and songs and people
Beautiful, dying people
Victims of genocide, violence by their own governments
And foreign powers
316,000 people destroyed by the vengeance of an earthquake in 2010
3,000 killed or sickened by cholera in 2010
Now the number is 8,000 killed by cholera
Half a million sickened
By people
Forcing their humanitarian assistance upon
Beautiful Haiti
Bringing cholera instead
To its people
Dying under the negligence and repression of thieves
Bringing disease
Laying bear Haiti’s forests and vegetation
Stealing Haiti’s resources
Stealing the lives of Haitians
In a land beautiful beyond measure
A strong and lovely people
Longing to live
To be free
To breathe
And sing
And love
Longing to be free of thieves
Who bring disease and death
Killing with insouciant negligence
The beautiful land
And people of Haiti
Those whose irrepressible dignity and courage
Made them independent
Two hundred years ago
Under the shadow of others’ greed
Under the shadow of imperialism
Haiti is rich beyond measure
Hills, seashores, abundance
Inspiring Christopher Columbus to sing of its mountains
And harness its people
Harvest its people
As slaves
Haiti is rich beyond measure
And robbed beyond belief
By western colonialists
Salivating at the prospect
Of its wealth of human booty
A receiving land for slaves from Africa
Slaves who would be free
In Haiti
Rich beyond measure
Now free to pay for freedom
Free to pay the west for human booty
Forfeited to freedom
To pay the west
For lost slaves, lost labor, lost chattel
Watching as their land
Rich beyond measure
Continues to be raped and ravaged
By thieves bringing gilts
Of oppression and disease
Corporations lying as giants on the land
As giants on the people
In Haiti
Rich beyond measure
Determined to be free
Electing leaders democratically
And wisely
Yet used and abused by giants
Playing games
In Haiti
Rich beyond measure
In Haiti
Rich beyond measure
Haiti, Land of the mountains
Haiti, land of the mountains
Haiti, land of the Taino
Land of a gentle people
Land of suffering
Land of rape and pillage
Gifts of the Spanish, the French, the Americans
A land whose stories do not end in justice or peace or moral lessons
A land whose stories end in blood
A land who remembers the Taino maiden from Boriken
Now the neighboring island of Puerto Rico
Now home of infamous Guantanamo prison
Home of a Taino girl
Who washed her father’s rainbow belt by the river
When a Spaniard on a horse saw her beauty
Killed her father with his huge white dog
Raped her brutally
And cut off her head
So her body would be unrecognized
The Taino lived peaceably
In the Caribbean
Always peaceably
Among enemies
Who enslaved them
Enslaved them to work the plantations
Until one day
In Haiti,
An enslaved people
Repudiated their slavery
And won their independence
Only to be punished again
Indentured by the powerful colonialists
Made to pay blood money for their bodies and labor
Oh unhappy imperialists with slaves
Worried that a free Haiti
Would corrupt other slave economies
With the wish for freedom
Oh let us cut off the head of Haiti
So the ownership of its beauty may not be recognized
Its people unrecognized, anonymous
Punish its arrogance
The arrogance of a savage, invisible island people
Rape its soul, rape its land, its forests
Pollute its waters
Rain horror on its people in the city and land of the sun
Till there is nothing left but disease and poverty
In a gentle people’s

Do I hear Drums in Haiti?
Do I hear drums in Haiti?
A heatbeat pounding out
Blood and heat
Pumping joy
And melancholy
Blood flowing to the sea
Washing through the corals
Singing of its source
Do I hear drums in Haiti?
Chanting of its soul
Voudou introspection
Singing sun and sand
Do I hear drums in Haiti?
Drumming from the mountain
Carried by the beetle
Trembling rhythmically
A beat of ancient legend
Jazz and folklore
Song and story
Chanting rocks and reeds and fountains
Chanting birds and blood and mountains
Chanting birds and blood and mountains
Do I hear drums in Haiti?

The Haitian Princess
A Voudou princess sits upon the mountain
Dressed in green
Her legs stretched wide
Reach to the horizon
As waters swell within her fertile womb
Her soul dances
To the song of the whistling frog
And laughs with its ventriloquist kinsman
As he creates a tapestry of music
In seven note chirps
Long and distant
Thrown like gossamer petals
Above her green
In orchid dreadlocks

Let us not forget that the

Let us not forget that the U.S. of A. has made it impossible for the people of Haiti to have their voted leader Aristide serve them in a leadership position. The U.S. of A. has empowered his murderous enemies to take and wield power over those strong and patient people of Haiti, put down a dozen times but never giving up. Why did Clinton not allow Medicins Sans Frontieres to land right after the earthquake? I believe "our" corporations want cheap, almost slave labor forever in Haiti, in the form of 'maquiladores'.

Thank you Kevin Pina. You are

Thank you Kevin Pina. You are a voice for us all who are fighting for justice. The question about all international solidarity, all the money that was collected all around the world from people that love Haiti and its people. Where is the money? Where is the Money? I did send a small amount to the Cuban healthcenter but where is all the other money. Is that fat cat Clinton sitting on it?

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