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Flashpoints - January 2, 2013 at 5:00pm

Flashpoints, for January 2, 2013 - 5:00pm

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It was somewhat strange to

It was somewhat strange to listen to these experienced people from the "Company". All over the world In LatinAmerica & CentralAmerica the Empire obviosly was creating a climate of terror with torture. Several of my friends where tortured and killed in this region. Torture is very functional. To scare a population to make a population passive, to make them afraid to participate in resistance against the US dominance and explotation . There you have the most important function of torture. I have talked with many victims of torture. Victims of torture loose all confidens i other human beings. There are hundreds of descriptions of this function from all around the world. One of the most important analysis of the terror function of torture you will find in the writings and lectures of Ignacio Martin Baró jesuitprofessor at the university of San Salvador. And of course in the writings of Alfred McCoy. Before US-CIA trained salvadorean special trrops killed Ignacio Martin Baró and his colleges at the university of San Salvador he held a serie of exellent lectures in the US. I think that his work and his revealing presentations triggered the killings of him and his colleges. It is possible that John Necroponte himself took the decision that these brave Salvadorean christian intellectuals had to be silenced. There is an well established strategy that the victims of torture has to be found by the people you are aiming to terrifie. To obtain the most effect out of torture the victims are to be found in the way that everyone can see and understand that the victims has suffered horryfiing, unlimited pain and humiliation before they where killed. When "the Empire" kill millions of human beings, women, children and men in Irak, Vietnam, Afganistan, Chile, Jugoslavia, Congo, Yemen, Haiti all the way through history when they kill maim and destroy their aim is terror, functional terror. The terror is the weapon of the Corporate World Order to maintain their global structure of unlimited explotation. Main Stream Media, MSM, is a part of their weaponry. They show us the victims, the wonded, the maimed. MSM tells us you better shut up or we will run you over. Obedient at home terror abroad. Torture has almost nothing to do with obtaing information with the exeption of false information that was mentioned in this interwiew.

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