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Behind the News with Doug Henwood - January 3, 2013 at 12:00pm

Behind the News with Doug Henwood, for January 3, 2013 - 12:00pm

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It seems to me that Norman J

It seems to me that Norman J F Harrison is complaining about both the sound quality and his inability to understand the content. The sound quality varies from week to week but the content is exceptional week to week.

I am very comforted to read

I am very comforted to read others' comments, relieved to find I'm not alone about the insanity of Henwood/KPFA broadcasting such noise. This happens serially, sequentially, consistently, over and over, again and again - unintelligible interviews. Would that these comments extended to all the 'background' noises deemed necessary now, to other shows as well, to keep the deranged masses tuned in listening to they know not what.

Ask people you're with whether they understand these pieces, and hear then say no.
My favorite about this was the time I was at some event titled in my interest, my political direction, hearing someone rap some content that was to fit my position. I asked several people in the audience whether they understood it. They said no but... One of them though, when I lamented the inability to understand the words, said - well, you don't understand the words at opera either, do you? Yes, I said, but I wouldn't go listen to it if I could, ...referencing opera's soap-opera-ish content.
These, however, are supposed to be messages I want to support....
Actually, influenced by the way of the world, anyway, most messages lack necessary content. Henwood's stuff - when it can be deciphered, which is sufficiently infrequent, always is on message - good for us.

Doug is not paid for the

Doug is not paid for the show, is not issued a production budget, and he doesn't have access to KPFA's studio. He records from NYC out of his home office (as I understand it).

Big budget radio stations either bring their guests to their studios or will even pay a couple hundred dollars to a remote, T1 line-equipped studio to let a guest record a single interview from there. These are not options available to most Pacifica broadcasters. As fewer people keep landlines in their homes and rely on cell phones it makes things difficult for producers like Doug.

These days you'll even hear the occasional NPR or corporate show stuck with a guest on a cell phone.

You could compare Behind the News unfavorably to the audio quality of some interview podcasts, but those are usually tech podcasts interviewing tech guests with lots of bandwidth and tech savvy. That is less common to come by when interviewing economics professors and social change theorists.

But what's the sense in

But what's the sense in broadcasting unitelligible excellent shows.?

Ahhhhh the land line

Ahhhhh the land line strong,clear & steady lol. These smart phones have everything but good phone service!

Actually, the old technology

Actually, the old technology gave better quality. It's the digital stuff that's crap.

i don't get the tolerance we

i don't get the tolerance we are expected to have for REALLY BAD audio connections with your guests. happens way too often. i had to let go of the show today because it was so annoying. don't you and your guests have access to landlines? seems it would be a courtesy to your listeners - we live in the 21st century, we're communicating with mars!!

I have to agree with you.

I have to agree with you. This is endemic with a lot of Pacifica programming - hideous 19th century phone quality that goes on and on sometimes for the better part of the hour! Think of your audiences, please!

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