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Guns and Butter - January 9, 2013 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for January 9, 2013 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"Sandy Hook: Unanswered Questions" with Professor James F. Tracy. Discrepancies in media coverage; coroner's press conference; political fallout.

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Sandy Hook Elementary School

Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting conspiracies are tinfoil hat nutcase material, this coming from someone who has serious questions about the 9/11 incidents. Here are links to two must-read articles:

Very informative show good

Very informative show good questions, a follow-up interview needs to be done in a few weeks. We need the video(s), autopsy reports, police reports, 911 tapes and interviews of parents and children. The "official" script generates more questions than it answers. I suspect we will find very dark forces behind the events when dig deeper. Sadly, the obsolete corporate media has failed US; citizen and independent media like kpfa are filling the void. Not surprising the event is being exploited to steal more liberties from Americans. This unfortunately this tragic incident looks too much like past staged event's design for political objectives. This demands real investigation.

Good show I am listening

Good show I am listening right now on January 17, 2013 at !1:22 pm. The Sandy Hook shootings went right from a tragedy to politics! Thank you very much.

Like 9/11 this was a mass

Like 9/11 this was a mass blood sacrifice to dark entities that are controlling humanity & offering these victims to apease this satanic, luciferian cabal who are bent on controlling through fear & terror.

This brave man reminds me of

This brave man reminds me of Dr. Steven E. Jones, who risked his career and had to leave his job at the BYU (Full Professor of Physics, Emeritus, early retirement January 2007) because he discussed the discrepancies in the 911 official story, and said that there was evidence of military grade thermite (explosive materials) found in the WTC dust. He even had a piece of evidence. They gave him the blues. In fact, this guys energy and voice reminds me of Dr. Jones. Sending a circle of light and protection around him for his bravery, scholar astuteness, and ability to draw the the dots together.

Unfortunately, the

Unfortunately, the integrity/motives of prof. Jones have been irrefutably uncovered

His history, as THE LEADING DISINFORMATION operative MASQUERADING AS A Dept of Energy PHYSICIST is EXTENSIVELY DOCUMENTED in the 1991 book, FIRE FROM ICE by EUGENE MALLOVE (who was murdered long before we ever even heard of THERMITE)


I am sorry you didn't know this, but i can't idly sit by and let since truth seekers be ignorant of this history,

its implications i am leaving blank.
but please watch "heavy watergate"
the Mallove book has Many references to the CUNNING DECEPTIONS or Jones, and clearly satisfies the reader it IS NOT just that Jones is mistaken.

unlike the others who hide this documented history, ive got your back, truth or bust.

god bless.

When one of the idiots that

When one of the idiots that actually believes that the Holocaust happened and can prove forensically I'll eat my steel toed boots and post the video here. Same with 9/11. Where's any of the footage showing what really hit the Pentagon? Why did bldg 7 fall? Why did the two main towers blow into dust in midair? Americans are dumber than cows, why do you think the real bad guys call you goyim? Idiots.

It's quite easy to document

It's quite easy to document the holocaust, the Germans were meticulous in their record-keeping. The physical documents still exist. There are several books dealing solely with the invoices, orders, blueprints, etc. that enabled the camps. I'd recommend the books but know you wouldn't read them as it doesn't fit your narrative.

Critical thinking is not an excuse for idiocy.

I listen to Guns and Butter

I listen to Guns and Butter with an open mind. I normally like the show. I guess I am in the minority here on this one.

Ahatmose (not verified) Police are notoriously closed off. We have suicides at our college occasionally. They really happen, if we are in the vicinity, we see the police activity, police lines, and hear second hand accounts. However, we - faculty, staff, students - never find out what exactly happened or even who the student was. This is to protect the university and the parents, I guess. Police are as closed mouth as a park statue. That is their job. Confusion at any crime scene is the norm. Well, I guess time will tell if this tragedy was real or not.

Where does the fact that

Where does the fact that after one of these mass gun slaughters the gun manufacturers make hundreds of millions from the spooked NRA members that are sure their weapons will be they " stock up " fall into the "conspiracy theory" mix?

I think you just answered

I think you just answered your own question. Follow the money....

Good observation, Bern Ranch.

Good observation, Bern Ranch.

I have listened to this show

I have listened to this show twice- there's a lot to it. When news disappears and then a sanitized version appears shortly thereafter, I think we should all pay close attention. My question is- if it is a false flag op, then what are the motivations- it could be all about the guns- disarming citizens and leaving the guns with the paramilitary and militias as has been done in other countries. Of course the drones almost make guns obsolete, but in the event of a military coup, if there was massive unrest, the fewer guns in the hands of the resistance, the quicker it could be put down. what a mess this country has become!

A great analysis. I was

A great analysis. I was stunned by the death rate...almost 100% which is far higher than in any other known mass shooting, going all the way back to the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929. Most mass shootings have survivor rates of from 16%-85%. Virginia Tech survival rate was 32% and Columbine survivors were 64% of the total shooting victims. It's way outside the statistical norm that a single shooter could kill 26 out of 27 shooting victims.

Another issue: It was announced that ALL victims were killed with the .223 rifle rather than the hand guns BEFORE THE POST MORTEMS WERE COMPLETED. How was this known? How was it known, before the post mortems, that all of the victims had multiple gun shot wounds as one child was supposedly shot 14 times? These are facts that would not immediately have been known but were published as facts.

Given all of this and the absence of any surveillance video it is apparent that this incident was carried out by multiple shooters and that it is a staged event, whether or not actual people were killed, that was carried out for the purpose of advancing a political agenda of the rulers of this country: the disarming of America's civilian population. This disarming of the civilians of this country would be a huge transfer of power from the rulers to the ruled.

Another awesome

Another awesome thought-provoking interview.

Thank you, Bonnie Faulkner, for your "subversive" behavior of allowing the truth to be spoken and lies to be challenged.

Please disregard the comments of stupefied mass-media dupes, as well as the occasional shill or disinfo agent.

Yes, Professor Tracy is correct: The phrase "conspiracy theory" proliferated post-1967 after the CIA suggested its use to media assets (presstitutes) at ABC, CBS, NBC, and the New York Times. The term was first used systematically to denigrate anyone questioning the official government version of the Kennedy assassination. Now the term is a reflex response, applied to any skepticism of any government narrative on any subject.

Just a quick reply to Jill

Just a quick reply to Jill S.
I don't understand your outrage. Do not let your emotions cloud your judgement and critical thinking. Where is the proof that any of this happened?
We all were told a story and saw some footage on the news. This could have been concocted.I saw no crime scene, no perpetrators,no witnesses and no bodies. Furthermore, I see no reason to trust the government, who have an obvious agenda and have taken every opportunity to exploit this.

Exactly. It's always on to

Exactly. It's always on to the next "thing" with the media. When the oil rig explosion in the Gulf happened, I was watching first reports. One of the family that was with a survivor was being interviewed by our local news and said the the survivor had told her it was weird, but some of the men on the rig thought they had seen a submarine right before the explosion. After that, no more family were interviewed and were put under a gag order. Funny how crisis' are conveniently coming up that effect our Republic's constitutional laws that just have to be changed by the murderers in charge. All I gotta say is Hill must have some might good stuff on them and they on her since she hasn't gotten accidentally knocked off yet.

Watch the original Fahrenheit

Watch the original Fahrenheit 451 from 1966 (or read the book.)
The hero escapes from the authorities and they put out a fake news report showing him captured.

The idea of a staged event is not new.

I believe there was a shooting, and innocents were killed.
I suspect the full story will never be known.

Ambiguous man in trench coat

Ambiguous man in trench coat "taking notes" in the background. Ambiguous man placed in front seat of police car. Ambiguous press conference behavior. Ambiguous school video recordings. Ambiguous types and numbers of guns. Ambiguous numbers of shots. Ambiguous autopsies. Ambiguous police/military drills. Ambiguous. Ambiguous. Ambiguous. Are y'all fuckin serious? Get the fuck outta here.

so many "excellent show"

so many "excellent show" comments - all saying the same thing - makes me wonder if this is some kind of conspiracy. Signed, please-stop-being-so-paranoid-agst-the-government, Jill S

excellent program! I really

excellent program! I really am glad someone is investigating this story. It smells bad.

Excellent show! Thank you.

Excellent show! Thank you.

Re: James Tracy who denies

Re: James Tracy who denies the reality of Sandy Hook shootings and tragedy.

Look, I like a good conspiracy theory just as much as the next guy. It is titiliating and provoking especially for those of us who like to see dark plots everywhere....woooooo.

Yet, this show was an outrage. James Tracy theories are akin to Global Warming deniers, Holocaust deniers, etc.
To deny those 20 children their death is to deny them their life - their reality. It is beyond appalling that Bonnie Faulkner just went along with this "theory". Why doesn't this FAU academic just TALK to the grieving parents, the police, the people of the town if he thinks this is one big lie?

His "research" was NOT firsthand accounts, personal interviews. ( He lives in Florida.) By his own admission, his “sources” were the internet and comments people made on You Tube videosEven one of the listeners, who willing believe his theory, noted this. ! Oh, and some outrageous theory about how everyone in involved is an actor and this was a "drill" for government takeovers. OMG.

This show is will lose what the little credibility it has when you have guests like Tracy and you don't question them. Where is the critical thinking? I don't mind a good conspiracy theory now and then but this "takes the cake" as they say. Bonnie Faulkner is an enabler of delusional.

If it were any other incident, I could stomach it, but this "theory" was appallingly cruel especially for those suffering. I guess these "actors" all deserve an Oscar!

Interestingly, the previous day’s show Against the Grain had a respected speaker Peter Staudenmaier on Conspiracy Theory as a Substitute for Social Critique – listeners might want clear their minds and examine how they see the world before they go off on this.

@JillS Only 271,604 "jews"

Only 271,604 "jews" died from disease and starvation in all WWII concentration camps according to the international Red Cross. Global warming is due to the changes of the sun, not carbon dioxide or mankind.
Sandy Hook was a false-flag psy-op to prep the public for a gun-grab attempt - a breach of the 2nd amendment.
JillS you are a troll.

Global Warming Deniers ?

Global Warming Deniers ? Holohoax Deniers ? You have got to be fucking kidding right. Hitler killed 666 Trillion jews, the ADL is anti semitic with their low numbers.

You wrote: Why doesn't this

You wrote: Why doesn't this FAU academic just TALK to the grieving parents, the police, the people of the town if he thinks this is one big lie? Well mainly because each family has an armed sheirff guarding them to keep reporters away and second the police are saying nothing but what has aready reported and the townsfolk know about as much you and I. Remember no one other than the police have seen the bodies. Parents and loved ones were denied a last goodbye so may I suggest you study the entire incident before making uninformed comments. .

Your comments were right on.

Your comments were right on. I didn't know that families did not get to see their loved ones for a final goodbye. So very sad. That you for your insight into this story.

Please push this into the

Please push this into the national spotlight somehow!

Thanks! We must be vigilant

Thanks! We must be vigilant to protect our freedom from tyrants!

Another timely and

Another timely and thought-provoking program. Thank you, Bonnie. The anomalies that Dr. Tracy presents should definitely be further looked into. The media and the politicians are getting an awful lot of mileage out of this tragedy, and government policies that emerge as a result of catastrophes such as this tend to be to the public's detriment rather than to its benefit.

I just checked out referred to on the program. The crisis actors reject the claim that they were used at Sandy Hook, and have a video of a t.v. newscast marginalizing Dr. Tracy, calling him a conspiracy theorist, and suggesting that he may be fired from the University for his views. With all that I've seen and heard in my life, and with Guns and Butter as part of that experience, this dismissal of Dr. Tracy's research only gives him more credibility in my view. Somebody has something to hide, and while it may or may not be the Crisis Actors, it's certainly not James F. Tracy.

Excellent show!! I do wish

Excellent show!! I do wish Tracy would be more specific. I cannot believe that the entire event was staged, as in no one really died, too many real people really died. But the details as to who did it and how stink to the high heavens, including the repeated reports on the day of the event of the arrest of someone at the scene, who was led away in handcuffs, reports which disappeared by the end of the day. Too many people are using the ambiguity to dismiss the whole matter, as shown by posters at Tracy's blog.

Excellent show! Nice to

Excellent show!

Nice to hear a level headed look at some of the anomalies and unanswered questions surrounding the Newtown incident. I will be passing this along.

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