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Democracy Now! - January 15, 2013 at 9:00am

Democracy Now! (9 am), for January 15, 2013 - 9:00am

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Democracy Now!

Admin Aids French Bombing of Mali After U.S.-Trained Forces Join Rebels in Uranium-Rich Region; "Kill Anything That Moves": New Book Exposes Hidden Crimes of the War Kerry, Hagel Fought in Vietnam.

January 15, 2013

    Obama Preps Gun Control Plan Based on Recommendations by Biden-Led Task Force
    Poll: Support for Gun Control Hits 5-Year High
    New York Lawmakers Reach Deal on Sweeping New Gun Limits
    Pentagon: U.S. Military Suicides Broke All-Time Record in 2012
    Obama Refuses to Negotiate with GOP on Debt Ceiling
    Syria: Death Toll from Gov’t Air Strike in Azaz Reaches At Least 20
    Israeli Military Kills 17-Year-Old Palestinian in the West Bank
    Egypt: 19 Killed, Dozens Wounded in Train Crash
    U.N. Calls for Human Rights Probe in North Korea
    Senator Asks CIA Pick Brennan to Explain Legal Basis for Targeting U.S. Citizens Overseas


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It really bothers me when

It really bothers me when people speak about gun control saying that guns must have a "sporting" purpose to be legal and that American Citizens must not own high capacity military style weapons. EXCUSE ME but where in the 2ND AMENDMENT does it say anything about hunting or sport shooting??? OUR RIGHT to bear arms given by the 2nd Amendment is for protection from those who intend to kill us!! Whether it be protection from a thief, murderer, foreign invader or OUR OWN GOVERNMENT, we have a RIGHT to defend ourselves. Now use your common sense here...your powers of you think any of those aforementioned foes who intend us harm, might use a high capacity military style weapon against us? or do you think they will be content to OBEY the gun laws and use a single shot, hunting rifle against us?

My common sense says that the CRIMINAL, FOREIGN ARMY or OUR OWN GOVT is going to use the deadliest weapons they can get their hands on and WE, LAW ABIDING, FREEDOM LOVING CITIZENS will be mowed down like grass! OUR FOUNDING FATHERS, who were truly concerned about and believed in "WE THE PEOPLE" the "LAW ABIDING, FREEDOM LOVING CITIZENS" having the POWER OVER the govt and that the govt existed to provide a SERVICE for us, NOT to tell us what to do. That is why OUR FOUNDING FATHERS, in their GOD given wisdom, put it in OUR CONSTITUTION! Because "WE THE PEOPLE" wanted to be able to defend ourselves! We have a RIGHT to be armed, FULLY ARMED. The govt cannot take that RIGHT away anymore than it can take away our freedom of speech or any other of our RIGHTS proclaimed in our constitution.

The constitution also gives us the RIGHT to OVERTURN or REMOVE BY FORCE an OVER REACHING govt that attempts to legislate our rights away!

Again, I make the point the OUR 2ND AMENDMENT is not about owning a gun for hunting, it is about OUR RIGHT to be as well armed as those who would attempt to take that right away or any other RIGHT.

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