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The Reggae Express with Spliff Skankin - January 15, 2013 at 10:00pm

The Reggae Express with Spliff Skankin, for January 15, 2013 - 10:00pm

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I really can’t beleive this

I really can’t beleive this Don. Here Aimee Allison gave some cache to the Green Party after the Audie Bock debacle a nd you support Pacifica management and a few disgruntled people who are causing the diviseness at KPFA. The hiring of Jackson Lewis is another reason you should drop your support for Rosenberg. The Alameda County green Party called me today to say they have taken no position on this. If you look where labor is on this issue and the vast majority of listeners, you are isolating yourselves from the left. No wonder many people who worked on Green campaigns in the past (I did a hella lot for Nader/La Duke (she’s of my tribe) are fleeing to the Justice Party and Rocky Anderson. The fact the many of the most well known Greens such as Medea ?Benjamin are neutral or support Save KFPA should give you pause. You have joined Brroklyn Green member and AIDS denialist, Mitch Cohen, in the list of Tracy supporters. I have not gotten on KPFA everytime I asked, and now I’d rather have younger people get the experience anyway. The dissention is cused by management and Tracy, not the union workers and the vast majority of volunteers and listeners. I humbly ask you to reconsider as Tracy and management are using every trick in the book to stall the recall election which was scheduled to end Jan. 15.Everyone should be calling for the election so we can move past this. I see a lot of opportunism amongst Tracy supporters who didn’t get their way at kpfa at one time or another. I haven’t gotten my way all the time either, but it’s no reason to hire expensive lawyers and the most vociferous union busting law firm in the country to help stall the election. The AFLCIO called Jackson Lewis that, not me. Please go neutral on this, unless you want to see KPFA become WBAI selling slots to the highest bidders–ie AIDS denialist Gary Null on at noon Monday thru Friday because he has the financial support of Steve Brown. Check out Did you really have a rep from each side at the meeting that endorsed Stop the Recall? How many people made this decision. All 8 of us at ACT UP East Bay voted unanimously to support the recall as AIDS denialists kill. We have the luxury in the Bay Area to split hairs over little things. While Wisconsin is united. I have asked Peace and Freedom, I am registered with them, to drop their endorsement of Tracy as well. Sour grapes! I note that the first time I got on kpfa was only after the Chronicle did a story on one of my first AIDS campaigns. But really how can you side against Aimee and labor. People see you not supporting someone who gave a good run for City Council for you. That makes us wonder if we can trust the Oakland Green Party. If you don’t know who I am, ask our friends in common, Mark and Shauna. You may be opposed to the recall, but re you also opposed to having the recall election and money wsted over trying to stall and stop it?

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