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Africa Today - January 21, 2013 at 7:00pm

Africa Today, for January 21, 2013 - 7:00pm

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Destabilization happens

Destabilization happens everywhere in the world where a profit can be generated as a result. As an example, Millinocket, Maine, in central Maine had nine Primary School buildings when I visited there in the nineties, eight and a half of them were boarded up. The town became the virtual property of the large corporation growing timber for pulp. The people represented by the eight and a half empty school buildings, basically the young gone off to raise families in the bigger cities leaving behind an aging cadre of skilled machine operators and not much else. Whatever gets the job done. In the US, political corruption: in Lybia, bombs; Central Africa, genocide. Destruction leads to concentration of wealth while total wealth declines disproportionately. When decision making comes into the hands of concentrated wealth there will be destruction in their best interests. This is true at all times in history where great inequality persisted.


The response should not be

The response should not be warfare! France,. NATO should be sending aid as in water, food and medical supplies. This al Quaida nonsense is going too far. That the fall of Quaddifi had much to do with this is true, but it was the fall of Gaddafi that was initiated by the Pentagon and Obama. It is the interpretation of the pentagon that seems to direct the path of Reality these days! Gaddafi suggested to the continent of Africa that it build it's own currency and forget the dollar! Heresy! Gaddafi set up a central bank which accepted gold and not dollars for oil! They, the pentagon, planned all this at the direction of the Oil and Computer and Banking industries.

May I slightly disagree with

May I slightly disagree with your guests as to the root cause of this latest destabilization in North Africa, Sahara and Sahel regions. It can be strongly argued that the root cause was the smashing of the Libyan State by the US, Britain, France and NATO with 69 days of bombing. There were many expats from the above mentioned regions that worked in Libya and sent remittances home. Additionally, even the Benghazi NATO collaborators complained that Gaddafi was spending too many resources on other African Nations. This is a strange argument, since it clearly in hindsight, was exactly the glue that kept the region peaceful. And I would argue that Libya is/was a cultural fault line in North African as Syria is in the Middle East. You smash these two nations and you will throw these regions into chaos. Was this done intentionally? Who can say, but the results are obvious for all to now see. Sometimes it requires that we see Africa in its gestalt or we run the risk of not seeing the “Forest for the trees” so to speak.
The response from the International Community should have been to support an African-led force to deal with these so-called Jihadist. This is exactly what the UN did, but France decided on its own to intervene unilaterally. One should not call in or allow one of the perpetrators of the crime to solve the crime.
Thank you.

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