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Your Own Health and Ftiness - February 5, 2013 at 1:00pm

Your Own Health and Fitness, for February 5, 2013 - 1:00pm

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Your Own Health and Ftiness

Environmental consultant Cindy Sage, editor of both the Bioinitiative Report of 2007 and the new updated Bioinitiative Report of 2013 unpacks the results of over 1800 new studies showing harm to health from wireless technologies. Special attention is paid to the risks for children and developing fetus.

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Alison KraussI'll Fly AwayO Brother Where Art ThouLost Highway


Thanks for this audio

Thanks for this audio fill.
The Bio-initiative report and the people who write it, are rays of sunshine in the cloudy wireless world.

Amir B. - EHS and EMR activist

Thank You for all you do

Thank You for all you do !
Layna Berman saved my life.
I had all the EMF/RF toxicity symptoms in spades and did not know the cause.
Hearing Layna itemize every symptom, on "Your Own Health and Fittness",
and her putting me in touch with the EMF Safety Network, saved my life.
Thank You Layna and Jeffery !
Maya Cain

Layna, thanks for having

Layna, thanks for having Cindy on. This was an excellent hour. What a great public service.


Respectfully, this is offal

Respectfully, this is offal from the rear orifice of a Pferd. A little scientific understanding can quickly dispell these claims. Natural background EM is higher that radiant emissions. Cell phones can have 1-4W transmitters, which is real radiation if it's near your brain, but not when a few feet away. Commercial WiFi is 35mW, that's milliWatt, one-thousand of a watt, that is, 35 millWatts versus 1000 to 4000 millWatts from a cell phone.

Learn some science (reality).

This comment makes clear only

This comment makes clear only the commenter's scientific pretensions and ignorance. Natural background radiation of these frequencies and forms is nonexistent, and the power density of artificial microwave radiation is billions of times that of any natural microwave radiation. Yes, learn some science.

There is a major conference

There is a major conference going on in NYC in March on this topic:

Conference on Corporate Interference with Science and Health
March 13th and 14th
58 Park Av, New York City -- Scandinavia House

The worlds experts will be presenting.

Smart phones can't be turned

Smart phones can't be turned all the way off. They continue to look for a signal, and therefore
continue to radiation. Best solution is to go back to a cell that's phone only, they can be turned off. iPads also don't turn off.

What would Cindy Sage do? If

What would Cindy Sage do? If one doesn't have a bag (tote, duffle, etc.) but must carry a cell phone on the body, is "airplane mode" best (short of turning it all the way off?

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