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The Morning Mix with JR - February 6, 2013 at 8:00am

The Morning Mix, for February 6, 2013 - 8:00am

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Why was JR's poignant and

Why was JR's poignant and insightful commentary about racist inequities at KPFA censored from this archive? I don't hear it in the archived version of his show. The administrators at KPFA should know that long time (since 1979) listeners like me have been privy to off the record complaints/discussions of racism at KPFA for decades. That someone at KPFA censored his comments is an indication that they have a fear of the truths expressed in those comments. If the administrators at KPFA had found no truth in JR's comments they would have left them in the archive and rebutted them publicly. JR's observations are not new or different for this station. However, to make them plain and public on the air is new and a courageous move by JR. He is a public truth teller and as such his show makes for intense informative journalism that longtime listeners like me gravitate towards. He is much appreciated.

How about KPFA-3 booster

How about KPFA-3 booster squeal in Lodi since Nov. 16, 2006, when this booster was mistakenly championed as for the Stockton area? What prime audience does this booster serve? Has it been cost effective in terms of increasing listener donations?

For J. R. to simply rant and

For J. R. to simply rant and rave about others at KPFA without allowing them time respond is Not a democratic process. It indirectly is alienating the public you want to listen and understand you.
I have always listened to his program with an open mind... but I was quiet turned off yesterday..
... perhaps he should start his own radio station..

Wow. I think Sasha and Brian

Wow. I think Sasha and Brian are a bit overly precious at times...and a bit too mainstream,, really? As an atheist, I'm truly offended by the Saturday morning gospel. I dig the blackness and all that, but the Jesus crap...can't take it.

I like JR's off-beat style, and I think there's a place for him at KPFA - but this was over the top.

Every month is black history month. Every day is Huey Newton day. If JR gets no pay, then Sasha and Brian are relatively over-paid...though, in the larger societal contex, really underpaid. I get JR's chafing at their relative privilege, but it was way over-stated. I'll listen to Brian and Sasha over NPR any day.

"When major issues relating

"When major issues relating to Pacifica and KPFA are reported on the air, on the website, or at KPFA events, it should be in a fair and accurate manner." - From the UCR platform

Our group, which advocates for fair and democratic governance for KPFA, now called the UCR, submitted the proposal below for on-air fairness at KPFA, to Andrew Philips and Carrie Core. They never responded to it.
The reason for this proposal was that the faction which opposes democratic governance, aligned with "Save" KPFA, each year is supported on air by core paid staff who bad mouth managers who are not them, elections at KPFA, Pacifica National Actions needed to keep the network and station from bankruptcy caused by their neglect or deliberate financial malfeasance, etc. Lying all the way.

Since this proposal was ignored, it would be inappropriate to condemn JR for violating it, in light of the fact that it is violated all the time by the other side.
Parties who would condemn JR would do well to promote such a "Fairness" policy.
We don't think they will.
Will JR support it? It would mean something like you invite Andrew to debate your criticism with you on the air.
Having this policy would mean: * You can deal with governance conflicts on-air without being condemned as an attack dog.
* You can have more allies defending you. * You can have a fairer more effective governance and can unite behind better candidates. You can have a better station.
* You can avoid stirring up counterproductive ignorance such as the listener here who condemns Andrew and Arlene when they were actually doing their jobs by saving the station from insolvency.

I am not about to attack JR for talking about racism. At long last we have some good black prime time programming, thanks in part to Andrew, thanks to JR. (Thanks to the "union" staff which would not reconstitute the Morning Show.) We are subjected to unconscious racism by white middle class listeners who have no clue about the life and death seriousness of deliberate racism toward the black community and to whom shows such as JR's are irrelevant, and who consider ebonics proof of ignorance. Or if they don't see the relevance for themselves and their society, can't get with *sharing* "their" airwaves.
I am not for not criticizing management.
I am for us all getting educated by discussing governance at our station & network in a fair and revealing way.

Call for On-Air Fairness at KPFA 4/2011
We the undersigned KPFA listeners, sponsors, and staff members believe it's important that KPFA keep listeners informed about major issues involving the station and Pacifica, including disputes over budgets, staffing, labor policies, and programming. We do not, however, believe that one-sided, misleading reports and sniping about these issues serve that goal.
We therefore propose that the station adopt a fairness policy for coverage of such issues. The essence of the policy is that whenever internal controversies are discussed on air, alternative positions should be fairly represented.
Specifically, we propose that:
a) When major controversies arise, the station should arrange special programming to discuss them on the air. These programs should have fair and neutral host(s), board operators, and call screeners; guests representing different points of view and all major constituencies (paid staff, unpaid staff, management, and listeners); and time for listeners to pose questions and comments.
b) When the KPFA news team reports on internal issues, it should adhere to standard practices of good journalism - i.e., assign such stories to reporters who are not directly involved in the conflict; give all parties a fair chance to explain their positions in their own words; avoid advocacy for one side or another; and, if directing listeners to websites or other sources, include sources from a variety of perspectives. (Such policies are nothing new - they are already spelled out in guidelines the KPFA news department itself adopted years ago - but they need to observed more carefully than they have been in recent months.)
c) Other programmers, paid and unpaid, should also refrain from one-sided comments on internal conflicts on the air. This policy applies to, among other things, ʻtagsʼ introducing or describing shows, fundraising pitches, characterization of former or current staff and management, and promotion of outside events. Programmers who wish to state a personal position on internal controversies must allow equal time for opposing viewpoints. If directing listeners to websites or other sources about such issues, they should include sources representing opposing points of view.

This rant against fellow KPFA

This rant against fellow KPFA employees is ridiculous. Why do you continue to put this guy on the air, when he is a talentless interviewer and a workplace bully?

Your comments today strike me

Your comments today strike me as a combination of issues that should be addressed and reckless accusations. You certainly have an interesting definition for Jim Crow. My mother lived through Jim Crow and your use of the term is an insult to anyone who experienced real Jim Crow.

Thanks JR, My time at KPFA

Thanks JR,
My time at KPFA were rough from ableism comments and other comments that I was concentrating too much on Black people. One higher ups back in the day told people that I should not be on the air because people couldn't understand me because of my disability. I still have good friends there and listen to a few shows but I have to say I'm glad I'm not there anymore..
Big ups JR & THANKS

JR - thanks for your

JR - thanks for your comments. When Arlene and Philip came aboard kpfa they change the landscape and it seems that they came and said , we are in charge and this is how things will run here.

Unforturnately for Philip and Arlene, we the listeners and all the volunteer staff make kpfa happen. Do we have a voice?????? it appears that we don't with the way Philip and Arlene have shown us.

keep supporting kpfa and flush the bad to save the good......

Great job JR

I was dismayed to hear the

I was dismayed to hear the troubling comments this morning. Maybe there is "something
rotten at KPFA". However, I'd just like to say that over the years I've learned a great deal about
Black History & I'm willing to bet that's it's been both during Black History Month as well as every
other month of the year. I believe that the programmers have been a dedicated group who in fact do genuinely care about justice, racial equality, fairness, etc., etc. Maybe there could be
a live "debate" at some point between J. R., Andrew et al in which grievances could be aired
& light shed on what's been going on & for what reasons decisions and/or actions have been
taken? Just a thought. I do believe that KPFA is a priceless asset & shouldn't be dragged into
the mud without good reason.

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