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Guns and Butter - February 6, 2013 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for February 6, 2013 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"The Greatest Bank Robbery Ever" with William K. Black

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Cool thread. Do note.. we

Cool thread. Do note..
we really should be grateful for having an unexciting, sometimes clunky and somewhat undermaintained web presence serving us the archives. I recall some candidate statements aired which included "oh, let's beef up our web presence, it's so trendy!" (paraphrase.) But this I believe was coming from folks who don't know the underpinnings of coding, and as such they don't appreciate the superior privacy level conferred by a no-frills mechanism. I browse with the Noscript plugin on my Firefox, and really resent having to turn scripts on to simply navigate or download media from newer sites.. allowing scripts allows their machine to run things on yours, essentially-- never used to be necessary but nowadays the selling of databases on people is what passes for Productivity, so all the more dense dweebers are gung-ho to add the shlock.

Try learning some tips and tricks as to "URL deobfuscation".. it'll serve you well in general. For example, hover over a link or view the Source of a page and look for the part ending in ".mp3".. then type that into your Location Bar. There are often files available that don't have visible links to them-- probably due to robots which look for such links, which are probably the cause of our stifling 60k download speed cap at kpfa.. (but kpfk is blazing fast, wbai way better too..?)

At any rate, the advice to download shows as soon as you find the time is best. Web pages and their contents are ephemeral and can vanish any time.. remember that! Even old gems at places like have been known to have someone claim copyright to them all the sudden, and get yanked down.

One thought is to do as Flashpoints has done, and get a Sound Cloud page (though it's a bunch of javascript bs.. geez..) .. maybe that confers more permanence on one's serving capacity.

Keep the great shows coming, Bonnie & Co.!

Long live Aaron Swartz and his Really Simple Syndication!

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they archives have always

they archives have always only been available for two week's so start saving them now as they come out.

mart has a good question,

mart has a good question, why would this archive expire? Have the poison tentacles of the vampire squid attached to all of pacifica now? The signs are pointing to yes.

posted beside listen-back

posted beside listen-back link: "This audio archive will be available until Wednesday, February 20th 2013"

-- kindly explain how this non-music program, "guns and butter", has two-week expiration date.

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