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Morning Mix with JR - February 27, 2013 at 8:00am

The Morning Mix, for February 27, 2013 - 8:00am

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Dear JR, Wonderful show with

Dear JR,

Wonderful show with Mr. Bob Law. As a grandfather I have to come down on his side of this debate regarding the nature and content of “Black Music” and what's left of “Black Broadcasting” be it radio, TV or film.

My reasons are straightforward. The most important point is that our voices in media must be solution based. It is simply not enough to describe the conditions under which African-Americans exist – horrific as it mostly is. One analogy would be the “Black Church” where the message should be hope, but too often it counsels acceptance and coping with ones conditions as opposed to doing something constructive about those conditions.

It really becomes apparent that for a whole host of reasons why African-Americans have been unable to build and sustain a viable and productive community in the United States. Let me list just a few:

War on drugs which leads to mass incarceration in our communities and disenfranchisement of our people, in particular our young men
Complete lack of US Government involvement in economic development in African-American Communities – As the largest purchaser of goods and services, the US Government could and should set aside 10% of all of its purchases from African-American businesses and help seed these businesses into existence. We see the opposite.
Educational institutions in our communities are starved for resources and we are left with the resultant abysmal dropout rates that again feeds a pipeline into the prison system
ETC...add your grievances here

So, coming back to the arguments regarding what's left of “Blacks in Media;” it becomes clear that the few voices that are “on air” be ones that are solution based and driven by the needs of our communities as I've described above. Voices that are not promoting solutions to these problems are either irrelevant, counterproductive or actually destructive.

Finally, so that I don't sound like I'm blaming the victims here. Let me say that this pattern that we are seeing in the United States regarding its treatment of African-Americans and others like Native Americans must be raised to another level. The United States is guilty of not just neglect, but of a systemic racial, economic and political assault on the African-American Community in the United States. These are violations of international Law and the African-American Community has every right and obligation to have our grievances heard at the United Nations.

One solution that I do see and it has been argued for over 100 years, is the creation of one or more new states for African-Americans. These can be created from existing states. This would at least give us a base and structure from which to build.

Thank you.

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