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Guns and Butter - March 13, 2013 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for March 13, 2013 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"Beat Austerity with a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax and a Nationalized Fed" with Webster Griffin Tarpley. The sequestration and how we got here; the satan sandwich of the Budget Control Act of July/August 2011; the shift to the right by the ruling class, their controlled media and Obama; a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax; and opening a credit window at the Fed to fund the rebuilding of America.

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I always enjoy hearing

I always enjoy hearing Webster Tarpley on G&B, but agree with Milton's comment above, that it would be great to have Ellen Brown on the show a lot more. I appreciate how practical her ideas are. Thanks for a great show as always!

It's really dirty how Web

It's really dirty how Web Tarpley is tarred with a La Rousian brush by MSM owners.
Even some of our finest and most innovative thinkers are afraid to associate with him.
Reminds me of the Red Scares in the 1920s and 1950s. The measure of a person is their ideas and not some vague associations of the past. This is not to say Web does not have many fine and reputable friends, but it goes to show how moneyed media excludes workable alternatives.

Thank you for this cogent

Thank you for this cogent analysis of these current issues_Nationalize the Federal Reserve! It's about time.
As for creating a 1% Wall Street sales tax to Beat Austerity...Aren't we then, somehow, going along with, legitimizing, Wall Street's speculative, & predatory dealings? Trickle down...(hopefully)
Round & round we go...The faces may change, but the game is the same.
Heads I win; Tails you loose.

Have We No Other Alternative ?

There is an alternative to a

There is an alternative to a Libertarian privately-owned
or Tarpley's Communitarian nationally-owned central
bank: Populist State-owned branches of the Fed in each
State. Having them instead as the Fed's only voting
members would make it truly federal, while keeping it
independent of the federal government. Thus, the
Treasury should not nationalise the Fed: in an economy
as large as that of the US, the temptation is too great
for such a bank not to be misused, as are the
consequences. Nor should it once again issue
"Greenbacks"--as advocated by Ellen Brown in her book
"Web of Debt" (but not after I convinced her otherwise).
If a State wanting to set up a publicly-owned, de facto
central bank gives DC a version of the ultimatum used by
North Dakota's Populists after WWI (as modernised at ) then it is a way to
defang the institutional supremacists that was proven to
work when arm-twisting DC not to close the
constitutional loophole that allows a State acting in
its territorial capacity to emit "virtual" bills of
credit. I tried to explain to Ellen how that worked for
North Dakota, and despite not appreciating all the
historical antecedents that led to the creation of the
Bank of North Dakota, she picked up the ball and ran
with it, founding the Public Banking Institute:
The Banking Act of 1863 was the first instance of a
Tobin tax in the US: it puts a 10% tax on the bills
of exchange redeemable in goods & services, such as
those formerly issued by grain banks, for the benefit of
futures traders in Chicago. That precedent should be
used to justify a 10% tax on derivatives--mostly traded
in Chicago (the epicenter of speculative & predatory
dealings)--instead of a 1% tax on bona fide securities
traded on Wall Street. Here too, Tarpley would settle
for an alternative that emphasises symbolism over
substance. As the "godfather" of the PBI, let me make an
offer to Bonnie that she ought not refuse: give equal
time to Ellen Brown on G&B.

I'm going to forward this to

I'm going to forward this to a friend of mine who works at the SF Fed Reserve, thanks again Bonnie! Any chance G&B will be podcast someday?

Tarpley does it again, he

Tarpley does it again, he knocked it out of the park!

Webster Tarpley has changed

Webster Tarpley has changed our lives and provided a political understanding for the generations. Thank you!

Superb presentation of a

Superb presentation of a rational and humane response to the financial crisis. Webster tarpley delivers a stunning performance.

In my mind, there is only one

In my mind, there is only one thing to do with this optimal idea by the remarkable Mr. Webster Tarpley. Put it as a proposition for Direct Popular Vote as a National Initiative become the Public Law of the United States.

In fact, that is how our governance must be conducted from here on out. The republic by design, was to maintain an elite plutocracy, which is antithetical to democracy.

Bear in mind that 90,000,000 (ninety million) eligible voters did not vote. That is a commanding verdict that "the system" is obnoxiously undemocratic, as is those holding public office on the federal level, with so few pragmatic exceptions, that it does not make qualitative difference. 9/11 as an issue that has been allowed to used a pretext for imperialist conquest, has gone without meaningful challenge, since Sen Mark Dayton and Rep Cynthia McKinney stood alone in each chamber of congress and were driven out for their valor, honesty, and exceptional statesmanship. Pure Democracy vs Imperial Plutocracy. That is essence, the solution and the problem, respectively. -- Bill Mitchell

Thank you for this show!

Thank you for this show! Webster Tarpley is fascinating as usual.

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