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Guns and Butter - March 20, 2013 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for March 20, 2013 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"Who Is Pope Francis I?" with Michel Chossudovsky. The selection of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio to the papacy; the historical coup d'etat in Argentina of 1976 with the instatement of the structural adjustment program; Bergoglio's complicity with the military dictatorship; Argentina's dirty war; the present day trial in Buenos Aires which will bring to light Operation Condor; the broad geopolitical implications of the papal appointment; and Michel Chossudovsky's personal experiences in both Argentina and Chile during both coups.

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Excellent show.

Excellent show.

Excellent show. Also, thanks

Excellent show. Also, thanks for the info, Greg and J S.

World is full of evil people.

World is full of evil people. Seems the devil has won. Lots of opportunity to do good.

Thanks so much for this scoop

Thanks so much for this scoop on the stolen children scandal...Bergoglio's role in the raped children story is obviously the point of his appointment to Pope since people who live
in glass houses (and those already caught in child kidnapping and
murder) are less likely to throw stones...with ex Pope Ratzinger
hiding out in the Vatican from ICJ warrants in the ITCCS genocide case
arising out of the murder of half the native children sent to church
run boarding schools in Canada... Locally on the same theme in Oakland
(where the Police Chief and DA did not want to know who "we" were when
the assassin told Derwin Longmire "We smoked some coke on the way down
to ambush him" (Oakland Post editor Chauncey Bailey) so they could
free Antoine Mackey, the getaway driver, and wouldn't have to answer
questions about the story of the shake down of black clubs to create
Oakland's QUARTER MILLION DOLLAR PIGS that the great grandson of
Frederick Douglas was going to publish) we have seen Judge Lorna
Brown, lawyer for the rapist in the previous raped children DNA case,
allowed to smuggle a hit list out of jail in the Opium War's 'look the
other way while the Poppy Bush gang's 1/4 million$ pigs give Oakland a
crack and murder epidemic' story (that got Dark Alliance author Gary
Webb's brains blown out)...ordained courier w/ court document
instructions to "eliminate witnesses" w/ names highlighted, spirited
out of Santa Rita to the dash of Gary Popoff's car in San Francisco,
the operation's 'soldier' similarly ordained and immunized, and like
Judge Brown, never charged w/ conspiracy to murder, or even possession
of stolen Monday night at the Copwatch office the
lawyer in the Rider's case didn''t know why the local politicians
always covered for our notoriouisly criminal pigs (paying a 1/4
million$ tribute to 'stop 'n frisk' Bratton')...need I say JFK, RFK in 'concessions to the shortness to life' the protection
racket depends on to make us knuckle under.

Thanks for a very informative

Thanks for a very informative show, and also thanks to JS for the New Yorker article reference.

In support of Michel

In support of Michel Chossudovsky, also see Children of the Dirty War in the New Yorker, March 19, 2012. by Francisco Goldman

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