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The Visionary Activist - Vernal Equinoctial Magnetizing Memospheric Mojo - March 21, 2013 at 2:00pm

The Visionary Activist Show, for March 21, 2013 - 2:00pm

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The Visionary Activist - Vernal Equinoctial Magnetizing Memospheric Mojo

Caroline opens up our vernal by riffing on Mars and Venus, Pope Francis, and Bradley Manning, in cahoots, dree-ing their weird, with the covert chart of America. We welcome the return of fellow astro-mytho- cultural change artist Daniel Giamario, that we may conjure and animate the presiding Co-Operators who are Standing by!

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I'm sorry that we can't

I'm sorry that we can't disagree without assuming I must not be too bright if I hold differing opinions. I'm no fan of the Catholic church at all. They have caused evil to persist and protected it at a terrible cost to children. I don't know the future. I don't care if I'm outnumbered in my opinions, in fact, it's usually a good thing. I'm no blind follower of anyone. Your response is mean spirited and insulting. I just wanted to add my response.

Could you all please lighten

Could you all please lighten up a little? What I love most about Caroline is her ultimate kindness and giving people the benefit of a doubt. My prayer for Pope Francis is that he protects all children, within the church, and all in the world. AND Manning is a true hero. Let's have a little hope! I personally can't live without it and Caroline gives me hope!

Janice, looks like you're

Janice, looks like you're out-numbered so far on this thread. Your prayer that Pope Francis "protects all children ..." is laughable (how's that for "lightening up"), since as an Archbishop he failed miserably in this capacity. And since you brought up the "benefit of the doubt", you remind me of all blind followers these days--you just can't tolerate any serious questioning of spiritual authority figures--whether of the Pope, Master whoever, or Caroline Casey--, can you? In other words, Janice, *doubting" their every pronouncement is forbidden! (Hey, maybe that's why you lump the Pope and Caroline Casey together--you believe they're both "infallible"! So, as much as I honor and learn from Caroline Casey, I feel (as an adult) I have the right to disagree when I think she's off. Therefore Janice, in the same spirit that you responded to me, let me request that you please *tighten up* (your critical thinking skills).

This is the weirdest

This is the weirdest Visionary Activist show EVER. How insulting to Bradley Manning and Julian Assange is your astrological pairing of these courageous men with the new pope, the collaborator with Argentina's military junta to hunt down liberation theology priests, who now cloaks himself in the image of St. Francis, the humble champion (persecuted by the Church!) of nature, animals and the poor. Such diabolical deception by both the Catholic Church and Visionary Activist! A 2-decade listener to Caroline Casey's radio show, I'm sickened for the first time by this misleading and absurd "spiritual" psychobabble.

Joy, I wanted to thank you

Joy, I wanted to thank you for expressing this in agreement with my comments on Visionary Activist's last show. However, I would not say "diabolical deception by both the Catholic Church and Visionary Activist!" The Church may be "diabolical," but I think the Visionary Activist only used poor judgment (I think I used the word "naive") in her entire presentation on the new pope, and especially lumping Bradley Manning in with him. I thank you because, being the odd-man-out of Caroline Casey's listening base is likely to beget a circling of the "spiritually correct" wagons and the branding of the dissenter as not a true believer--"unmutual." And I can't tell you how *ironic* this situation is when the Visionary Activist goes out of her way to eschew "certainty" (unless, of course, one takes that to mean that only be "uncertain" of the beliefs of others, not one's own). All I can say is that I do hope that Caroline Casey re-considers her views on this matter of the pope. Thanks again for speaking out on this issue!

The Visionary Activist

The Visionary Activist (3/21/13) bemoans "the predictable, the earnest, banal, vituperative, boringly oppositional, polarizing, reactive)..." political stance. (I confess that I wear the badge of "oppositional politics" proudly--opposing empire, imperialism, racism, homophobia, sexism, capitalism, etc. So I don't see anything wrong per se with being "oppositional". Admittedly, however, there are unproductive and productive ways in being "oppositional". (And the last time I checked, "democracy" and social justice are all about "opposition" to the great evils of the world!)

In any case, if we are to entertain the chastising (in an oppositional way) to the politics of opposition, let's be honest and fair and not overlook that there's also a predictable, earnest, banal, boringly NAIVE New Age way of politics (aka "spiritual politics"). Many instances of this could be cited (since it's been going on since the 80s), but one should suffice: the new-age fawning over the totally corrupt President of Afghanistan (brother of an equally corrupt and vicious war lord). Why? Because Karzai was a fan of Rumi (who was also quoted on the show) and can quote him with ease! I use Karzai here because he's a foreign leader that there's a lot of mythology about here. My point? Just like the new Pope!

So we should eschew "boringly oppositional and reactive" politics? What about *boringly banal and naive* new-age politics--like the unwarranted enthusiasm for the new pope, "Francis"? (And if you know anything about the "Spirituals" of St. Francis, and specially the wing known as the "Fraticelli", who were condemned as heretics by Pope John XXII in 1317 and finally had the Inquisition set on them, and some of this order later became engaged in social revolution, which is why theologian Leonardo Boff has given us an account of Saint Francis in the context of “liberation theology"--if you know anything about this church history, you know how Machiavellian and cynical it is to adopt this name at this time! )

Therefore, in my view, it is POLITICALLY NAIVE to spiritually bump up the new pope (same as the old pope, but with an irrelevant and systematically inconsequential ascetic lifestyle) in the name of a non-oppositional, "spiritual" political view. Once more, it's dangerous, because this kind of *mystification* greatly underestimates the kind of manipulation at work here and seriously misunderstands what is going on in Vatican politics and its recent scandals. Speaking of "liberation theology", and what we can realistically expect of the new "social justice" pope, knowing how much the Visionary Activist "loves facts," let's drop the typically *banal and boring mystifications,* which buy into the holy PR campaign of the Vatican, and look at the "FACTS" of just who this new pope is:

PS: I'm sorry, but to put

PS: I'm sorry, but to put Pope Francis and Bradley Manning in the same light is bizarre and does a disservice to Bradley Manning, a real hero!

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