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Economic Update - March 29, 2013 at 10:00am

Economic Update, for March 29, 2013 - 10:00am

This KPFA audio archive is no longer available. For more information on KPFA's archiving policy go here: Learn More.

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Sometimes, KPFA staff uses

Sometimes, KPFA staff uses the excuse about music or songs used during broadcasts, which create a pretext for censoring/deleting KPFA archives. But it's hard to imagine why programmers wouldn't simply edit out (or remove) the copyrighted material or music and leave the original content, which is what KPFA archive listeners are really interested anyway. It seems the copyright aspect is only an excuse for KPFA, which tends to get away from the Pacifica mission of free speech and free flow of information without constant listener participation keeping KPFA and Pacifica from selling out or becoming NPR-ised, as many KPFA managers have tried to do in the past. Andrew Phillips seemed really just and progressive at first, but now with this stuff and, especially after the apparent racism levelled at JR and the censorship of his broadcasts from the archives, apparently to gag 'airing of internal dirty laundry,' which listener-members deserve to hear, (in the context of Nadra Foster being abused by paid staff and cops), seems Phillips is losing his way or being corrupted by the News Department faction (SaveKPFA).

Why will this audio archive

Why will this audio archive only be made available to KPFA listeners for a couple weeks? This smacks of censorship. KPFA is more than simply transitory entertainment, which must erase its historical memory. More simply sometimes I'm busy and miss a broadcast, but I still can catch up with news and information, if the archives are available. Many KPFA listeners cab utilise KPFA's archives for research and social justice, only if KPFA isn't censoring its archives. By deleting archives and/or occulting the from listeners, you are undermining the Pacifica mission of free speech, social justice, and the free flow of information.

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