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Letters and Politics - April 1, 2013 at 10:00am

Letters and Politics, for April 1, 2013 - 10:00am

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Letters and Politics - The Untold Story of Women in the Baseball Negro Leagues

With tensions on the rise in the Korean Peninsula, and as the threat of nuclear weapons are being discussed, we'll look at the last 20 years of US Korean relations with Hyun Lee of the Working Group for Peace and Demilitarization in Asia and the Pacific.

With the opening day of the baseball season now upon us we'll remember the first woman to play men's professional baseball, Toni Stone. She played with such Negro League teams as the Kansas City Monarchs and the San Francisco Sea Lions. Our guest is Martha Ackmann, author of a biography on Toni Stone called Curveball.

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Who was guest talking on

Who was guest talking on north Korea on letters and politics on April 1st

thank god the NK regime

thank god the NK regime survived after 1991...they have proven themselves to be a wonderful addition to planet earth. they have created a true socialist paradise. those nasty americans with their rapacious desire to invade the north and steal their land and resources, they should be blamed for all the trouble. If it weren't for the americans there would be peace and prosperity under the Kims throughout the land.

This woman expert is no

This woman expert is no objective expert. She's obviously anti-American. She believes that NK is a victim, not a victimizer, and that the US is waiting like a hungry dog for the regime to collapse so that it can gobble up the vast wealth of NK. Good grief. The place is a wasteland...the only ones interested are SKers....and let's face it: which part of the Korean Peninsula would you rather live in? The North or South? Sounds like this "expert" would like to embrace the north and all it's charms from the comfort of her home in the SF Bay Area. But NK will collapse, and should collapse. Why not? They are being "led" - the people however are deeply brainwashed not led -- by freaks from a long-dead age, a long, hereditary line of sick, evil men who care nothing for the men and women of that tortured place. SK and the USA are preparing for the inevitable and should and must, in order to save lives. They are doing the right thing, to wait prepared for a collapse....what's the alternative? The only reason the war never ended...or wasn't ended by force sooner...was because of the threat of China. Now, even China signed on to and, indeed, co sponsored the most recent UN resolution. That was the "go" signal. NK is now isolated and the end is near. If I were in Seoul, I would pack up and get out now. It's coming near the put up or shut up point, and the only thing this horrible woman expert has correct is that, if NK doesn't blink and there isn't some kind of coup by saner men in NK (and I'm not sure they exist in those parts), then it's go time.

North Korea is staging a dog

North Korea is staging a dog and pony show for local consumption. The "Great Leader" has to rattle sabers to keep his generals from killing him. The Korean Army is lead by military professionals who would not want their business interests threatened by war.

Obama is doing the same thing in this country. It just another way for Obama to say that the U.S. has to dump more trillions into the Military/Industrial toilet of the Oligarchs.

Is it possible that there could be miscalculation resulting in disaster? Yes

Is there collusion from media? Hell yes!

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