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Guns and Butter - April 17, 2013 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for April 17, 2013 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"The Oklahoma City Bombing:  Prelude to 9/11" with Charles Key and Chris Emery.  (Encore presentation.)

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""R" Addison"'s 'homily' is

""R" Addison"'s 'homily' is 'jus folks' studied, mannered and even spelled in an affected protocol, in order to convey a "conversational tone"; however, it rings false on every level, indicating "Troll", in my opinion. Stilted, awkward and tortured into a narrative, nothing there seems accurate, or even plausible, but is contrived to appear 'natural', yet it comes across as quite the opposite. Clumsily.

Okay, ...hearing is


...hearing is believing. However, I was there in Murrah building trying to get a replacement Social Security card in 1989. The afternoon I had to come back, next day the place was literally being packed 'n packaged w dynamite bundles. I asked two then three service jump-suited fellows what in heck are they doing. They were quite f**ing rude not to answer. Since the FBIs were in building I went down two flights then walked up one and knocked, then entered, asking to speak "immediately w officer in connection to his building being rigged”. I was asked in and told the guy approx five years younger, did he know building was being set w dynamite charges, and he answered. No, he said, then I went upstairs and those thingy-bops were gone. I left the guy as he said check elsewhere and he would too. We met I said I'd seen three more bundles and was feeling claustrophobic.

When I got outside in the non-Airconditioning air. I walked across the street to the parking lot and soon a whole bunch of "lunch breaks" ATF men were accumulating there. I asked them to talk and wondered whether they knew that dynamite was being placed in the building across street. One said ask the man over there--an afro-Amer eating all by his lonesome! He said ‘yes’ they all knew that.

After they did not go inside, because they were like, lying, I waited for them to leave then walked back inside, and compared notes w FBIs fella. He said he did find those packs and called the maintenance to cordon--why I had to walk 3 flights outta my way. Then he stated those guys, in answer to my question regarding parken lot, were ATF.

Nest time in Okie-LA city was April 19th, a mile-away @ Petro truk-stop. as I was gettin' into my Western Star the building blew smoke post noise-Loud...I related the explosion at the Army depot, a terminal, like Oakland Army terminal-- I had delivered to years before that day, then remembered the Murrah building "dyno-Mite"...end: true story.

Happened today's date in 1995...

submitted by "R" Addison

Thanks for airing this encore

Thanks for airing this encore presentation, Bonnie! I hadn't heard this before, but this is very compelling and very relevant to our understanding, and historical contextualisation, of dubious and questionable state responses and/or involvement in major 'Shock Doctrine' type of 'terrorism' events, which have provided pretexts for state repression, P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act, etcetera, and the earlier legislation facilitated by the way the Oklahoma bombing was portrayed in public. We are losing civil liberties, human rights, and hopes for democracy because of apparent distorted or staged terrorism events.

thanks bonnie !

thanks bonnie !

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