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Terra Verde - April 26, 2013 at 1:00pm

Terra Verde, for April 26, 2013 - 1:00pm

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Thank you Michael Bergstrom

Thank you Michael Bergstrom for giving me an opportunity to explain to still one more gullible recycler what the true story is.

The entire recycling community of the Bay Area recognizes my accomplishment in proving that chemicals are among the most readily reused commodities, for reasons I go into in my book, Getting To Zero Waste. Yet they still spout the nonsense that the only thing that can be done with chemicals is to "dispose of properly". Kettleman Hills is filled up with chemicals in huge pits, now causing cancer among the residents of Coalinga, and yet the true scandal, that 80% of the chemicals buried for all time in KH, have no reason to be there, is squelched. They were perfectly reusable when buried. Many of them were brand new. The reason they are there is called stupidity and the gullibility of the public. I know because I worked in the field of reusing chemicals for thirty years.

As soon as I published my book, Getting To Zero Waste, I sent copies to five or six programmers at KPFA to arrange book interviews. Contrary to your situation, I actually know an enormous amount about the fields of garbage, recycling and reuse. Yet not one programmer would TOUCH the subject. Over the years, there has been a constant drumbeat of the easy and cowardly assumption that recycling will solve problems but not one programmer will actually mount a discussion of Zero Waste. They love to pat their backs about speaking truth to power but when the power consists of the Garbage Recycling Industry, they are terrified to touch it. Instead they simply whimper truth to power. I have been in touch with dozens of programmers on KPFA who have no interest in learning anything that might shake up their mindless adherence to recycling and actually go into the details of this complex and politically based industry. So instead of telling other people who actually know something about what they should do, why don't you try your hand at setting up an investigation into the charade that is recycling in America? Put your money where you mouth is and see if you can break the boycott of scientific studies on resource conservation.
And I hope you noticed that I gave links to actual studies on the subject. There are many. But they are all ignored by the recyclers and their good buddies at KPFA.

Paul Palmer

Maybe when Paul stops

Maybe when Paul stops hyperventilating he could contact Terra Verde for an interview and offer his criticisms, corrections, and better methods on the air. I'd like to hear it ... providing he can avoid painting with such a broad brush and spewing scattershot insults.

As the first person in the

As the first person in the world to use the term Zero Waste publicly and as the person who created the first Zero Waste company (it was called Zero Waste Systems Inc. and it began on 5th St. in Berkeley in 1974) I want to inform you that everything you reported on your program is false, misleading and nonsense. I have no doubt that you will assume that you know more than someone who has studied Zero Waste theory for thirty years and has written extensively on the subject. That is what KPFA programmers do. Nevertheless, the people you interviewed, especially Liss, know nothing about the subject. The ZWIA definition is a silly pastiche of environmental dogooder dreams. You can find a REAL analysis of Zero Waste at Every Zero Waste to Landfill initiative (what SF is doing) in the entire world has failed. Let me link you to a PhD thesis that actually studied this topic instead of just gushing about how wonderful recycling is. By allowing your interviewees to pretend that they stand for anything but pure 100% recycling - waving their hands about reusing and reducing - is to promote a full blown propaganda campaign of the garbage industry. You can find more information at these links:

with an abstract at:


KPFA needs to grow up and stop sucking up to propagandists who have a profitable business to sell you while they exploit your gullibility. Zero Waste is a fully formed scientific theory that has nothing to do with recycling and has nothing to do with the work of Liss or the lightweight butterflies around San Francisco.

Paul Palmer PhD

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