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Flashpoints - April 26, 2013 at 5:00pm

Flashpoints, for April 26, 2013 - 5:00pm

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. Thank you Michel for your


Thank you Michel for your astute, brave, spot-on and superb comment

Miguel Molina, until today, i

Miguel Molina, until today, i held you in high esteem.

However, in this broadcast you interviewed a person who made propaganda for an occupation state who deported and dispossessed more than a million of indigenous people in the late 1940s, namely the Palestinians whose parents, grand, parents and ancestors lived there since thousands of years.

Since over 70 years now, on a daily basis, Jewish occupiers who call themselves "Israel", continue to commit Crimes Against Humanity, torture, slow genocide, starvation, deportation, restriction of freedom, harassment, atrocities, massacres, etc etc including the destruction of historical, biblical heritage, (500 biblical villages destroyed by Jewish invaders of Palestine) literally terrorizing the residual indigenous Palestinian population.

These crimes are ongoing since over 70 years, with the collaboration of US Jewish networks of support, detrimental to US interest, thereby tantamount to committing treason. The hypocrite and probably corrupted (or at best, brainwashed) interviewee individual, one Gabriel Hernandez, narrates his "horror stories" of indeed horrors happening to our latino brothers, but he uses this to whitewash the "Israeli crimes", which is a tantamount to committing himself horrors against our latino brothers, documented or undocumented. There is nothing as vile as the cynical use of one group's suffering to justify one's own crimes.

As it happens, the Jewish crimes in Palestine are committed by Jewish occupiers, with the collaboration of most American Jewish networks, arguably being thereby accessory to what irrefutably are Crimes Against Humanity, by any definition.

What is more, the Crimes committed since over 70 years on a daily basis by Jews occupying Palestine, are using the odious, cynical pretext of Jewish suffering during WW2, to which the Palestinians had zero participation. Never mind the fact that the Zionist hordes of psychopathic war-mongers, started invading what was then called "The Holy Land", long before the Nazis ruled Germany.

How can you let this guy get away with such odious pro-israel propaganda, Miguel????? He talks about horror stories... a baby separated from her breastfeeding mother, etc... and yes, i am the first one to be supportive of immigrants, and oppose all the xenophobic garbage that we are subjected to in this country. (hell, i am an immigrant myself)

I visited Palestine, not invited by vile Jewish-Zionist criminal occupiers who wear the uniform during two full years and enjoy their racist killing and harassing of the indigenous people (they call them "cattle"). Instead of these lavish corruptive invitations, (most US lawmakers have been "guest" of israel this way) I have visited all of Historic Palestine, and what i saw are literally concentration camps.

If you talk about being "undocumented" then take into consideration those who would simply like to live in their own village, on theor own land, but who are barred from doing so by villain murderers and thieves.How about my poet friend "Nahida the Exiled Palestinian" (her beautiful but heartwrenching blog is called PoetryforPalestine, who is a refugee since over 40 years, undocumented, visit her blog, read her formidable texts, or my friend Issa who grew up in a refugee camp in Gaza, whose parents and grand parents were shipping Jaffa oranges to Europe for centuries, and who not only had his farm totally confiscated, but who was deported and tortured while he was a child, by these Jewish-Zionist-Israeli racist psychopaths Mr Gabriel Hernandez wants the latina community to perceive as "friendly" What a scam!

How can you, YOU Miguel, of all people you, let that jerk utter such garbage in your presence, without you kicking him out of your show??? It is a betrayal to your own mother, Miguel, because every Palestinian mother has seen and lived horrors like yours, and far worse. Young kids are tortured, pregnant mothers made give birth at checkpoint, elder people brutally trhown out of their houses... let alone those 5 to 7 million Palestinians in FORCED exile, deported from their own country, that their ancestors have shaped for thousands of years!

This broadcast is the drop of water which has finalized my shattered trust in KPFA, and now you.

I am sick and tired of controlled opposition. Because this is what individuals like this pathetic Gabriel Hernandez are trained (and most likely corrupted) to do, doing the hideous, vicious PR for a criminal occupation entity, arguably the worst criminal entity since WW2. His "non-profit organisation" is backed by dubious corporations and Judeo-centric "Foundations". This Judeo-centyric network is robbing our country and its citizenry into poverty, and has eviscerated our values and totally corrupted our Judicial and Executive systems, sent us to wars by sordid "Institutes" and "Think Tanks" one more linked to strictly Jewish interest than the next, and all this at the cost of US interest.

And you wonder where the atrociously brutal and inhumane methods are coming from? And make no mistake, these methods will be, - and already are, also used against the common US citizenry, in this increasingly totalitarian, militarized society and police-state.

And please, Miguel, don't let yourself talk into that my outcry would be "anti-semitic", because you well know that this is their usual trick, and besides, my entire family was incarcerated in death camps during WW2, many of them for helping large groups of Jewish communities escape the nazi racist jerks.
And there would be so much more to say... for example that our police in this country, ICE in particular, are trained by ISRAELI military!!!

As long as we do not call a spade a spade, as long as we are afraid to name the villains who are messing up our country, things will get worse. Far worse.

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