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Guns and Butter - May 15, 2013 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for May 15, 2013 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"Mobilize Now for Elizabeth Warren's Bill to Cut Student Loan Rates to 0.75%" with Webster Griffin Tarpley.  Fundraiser.

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Debt Forgiveness is the ONLY

Debt Forgiveness is the ONLY viable solution to this Crisis. Fiddling with "rates" is worthless when we have no money, Professor. Agitate for something other than yourself, Tarpley, once in a while.

God's 'Jubilee' concept is the only Answer. Nothing else will work.

Rational and humane analysis

Rational and humane analysis and commentary from Dr always.
And Bonnie is outstanding as a host.

Not distract from the

Not distract from the necessity to pass Elizabeth Warren's bill, but this education and healthcare and housing was free in Libya before our contra war murder spree to put Belhaj and our Al Qaeda proxies in power...using the same Iran-Contra principals (i.e. the Clintons) busted in the Mena airport drugs-for-guns episode we all know about...while we are begging for these crumbs lets not turn a blind eye to these murders and those in high places fleeing the scene of crime after crime red handed..

All very well and good

All very well and good hooray.
But 'higher education' furthers the customary stratification of us. We're all geniuses, intellectuals, teachers, students all our lives. These almost or all are forbidden most people. People seem accustomed to think of themself as less than their fellow. But we're not.
As re education: School is the opposite of education.
Education is an enjoyable feature of life. School is a pain. Everyone hates it.
Life, and work, are (should be) enjoyable. But everybody suffers through it, finding acceptance of it as we can.
Will no one come and speak for life to be lived opposite of how it is -
let alone trying to stop the bombing of us - us being us everywhere , and where there are bombs dropped on 'us'.
But those are all related - the bombing of us, the various segregating of us, the stratification of us, the alienation of us - so that work-job is distasteful. Age segregation is wrong and bad.
Will no one come and speak for things to be the right way, instead of just to lessen the bad ways? - to the 'festival' in Marin next month...

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