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The Visionary Activist Show - May 23, 2013 at 2:00pm

The Visionary Activist Show, for May 23, 2013 - 2:00pm

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The Visionary Activist - Lunar Eclipse, Coyotes, Judi Bari

Caroline hosts, Earth First, singer, activist, Darryl Cherney, co-maker of the movie "Who Bombed Judi Bari?" as we invite the spirit of Judi Bari to have her increasingly effective voice, (May 24th is Judi Bari Day in Oakland);coinciding with the positive return of Coyotes to the Bay Area (and everywhere.) (Melissa Peabodies fantabulous movie "Still Wild at Heart."

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I thank C. Reed for the link

I thank C. Reed for the link to the Anderson Valley Advertiser archives, where one very informative link mentioned (in the context of the Bari bombing), "Left-wing media, such as the Anderson Valley Advertiser, have fed the understandable leftist paranoia about the FBI, by suggesting possible agent provocateurs within 'the movement.' What has emerged is a fragmented community, where previously friendly activists have been pitted against one another."
This article (link below) tells quite the murder mystery -- plausible, human, and sad. It seems to be so easy for humans to become suspicious of each other, and on the Left we have enough examples of divisions.
For those interested in a further insight into what looks likely -- where the good news might be that it wasn't anyone "in the movement" -- I recommend Ed Gehrman’s investigative article (Flatland, Feb 1999): .
Gehrman helpfully summarizes Steve Talbot's TV documentary, but he disagrees with Talbot's conclusion, that activist Irv Sutley was most likely a police informer,
Although Bari accused Sutley, I nonetheless revere as an amazing woman and inspiring activist. Gehrman relates that she was involved in questionable and illegal activities. I look at the great good she worked for, helping the timber workers and the trees both.
I thank Gehrman, who says, "I am a trusted member of the activist community, and I'm persistent"," for his research, and for the bright light he brings to the police lapses in this "unsolved case.

There's another narrative for

There's another narrative for the question "Who Bombed Judi Bari?" For those who are interested in truth in all its complexity (as opposed to hagiography), it's essential to factor in the extensive reporting by Bruce Anderson, editor of the Anderson Valley Advertiser based in Mendocino County, CA (see and Steve Talbot, former anchor of PBS's Frontline, who produced a respected documentary of the same name. Both Anderson and Talbot have raised questions about the mystery which have largely been ignored because they do not comport well with Bari's elevation to environmental sainthood.

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