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Behind the News with Doug Henwood - June 6, 2013 at 12:00pm

Behind the News with Doug Henwood, for June 6, 2013 - 12:00pm

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Zizek is right on. The

Zizek is right on. The capitalist society had a way to do everything, a form, a process, a department, an agency, a training, a form of education - everything is arranged. You cannot form a couple of communes and replace all of that just by wanting. People have very poor imagination for institutions. Comes the revolution, the institutions will be almost identical to contemporary ones. There is a crying need for people to take intellectual chances and actually put forward models for better ways of doing everything. Academics are afraid to go there because they will be called utopians. Cynical criticism of someone else's efforts are the sinkhole of left criticism. Instead of finding the weakness so we can strengthen someone's theory, we search for the weakness to tear him down. The result will be the supremacy of capitalist methods of everything despite desperation.

The form necessary will be

The form necessary will be called totalitarian, therefore will frighten the people away from forming the production and distribution mechanisms that will undercut capitalism. Until we just forge ahead... Everybody eats, plays, and all - everybody 'forces' everybody to do all, to have all, that all our work is done by us all, for us all, everybody is forced to have health care, and learning and teaching .... yes, to a degree using forms in existence, but to the opposite purpose. Forms in revolutionary society, socialist, will be to make what we need and like for us all and let us give all those to all of us, preventing no one from having those. It starts by disallowing The Rich, disallowing exploitation, accumulation. It goes on to become NO profit, eliminating money.
It's hard to see it. What’s necessary is to do it .
...which is why it can only barely be done in one place; 'you' can't give what you don't have. You can't get what isn't there to give. So people decide people will make whatever's lacking, and stop making what's not needed - police will fade slowly; insurance will end immediately. Property will quickly be ended. These acts will make the forms by which we will live that utopia. They will rise, they will appear.
They will result from our constant long-term struggles - that've been going on for millennia - increasing in frequency - and in land mass where they're happening.
Justice will not come out of school reform - which is anathema. Teaching and learning like age of people, mental and physical condition of people, color and gender of people, will just be part of life - no segregation - no age segregation. Children do not need correction(discipline)!!!!
People all need to be able to enjoy life together - no counting. From each-to each was just an effort to suggest the direction. So none of that; just us all doing. And not doing.

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