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Behind the News with Doug Henwood - June 13, 2013 at 12:00pm

Behind the News with Doug Henwood, for June 13, 2013 - 12:00pm

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Doug Henwood, are you kidding

Doug Henwood, are you kidding with this first guest. This was all decided a long time ago. When the moment electricity was starting to be generated and use on earth. You know and I know that Marshall Mcluhan brought to are attention the fact that one the earth was ringed by sattelites of all kinds that the programed earth had begun. So guess what we are all artists now no teaching by the so called creative class needed. So when you had Yanis V. on your show talking about Valve Software, what do think that was about hmm... you think that was about collective action in some ninteenth century sense? Give me a break the new forms for everybody is self expression period. We better take a hold of it or like the movie the Quiz show said If we don't GET television than televisions going to get us. Right on Bono free the people with music. Oh and the idea that financial austerity is some how a creative solution to the economic meltdowns all over the world is the most least creative idea ever conceived and should not be used as an example of how the "Creative Class" would innovate the world financial systems. Ask Varoufakis if he thinks we should let the horse and buggy twentieth century government bureaocracy fix the system. He has been trying and I mean really trying to get somewhere within the system and in his own words failing miserably. If you think we can hope to change a system through collective action through which the very action itself wiill lead to changing the parameters themselves that those who acted collectively were trying to change has any hope without a massive amount of individual and collective creativity than step aside brother and make way for the new revolution.


Doug, Wonderful show. Your


Wonderful show. Your second segment on Malthusians was right on target as two responses clearly showed that it hit its mark.

Let me say that as an African-American it's very painful to know that folks, many on the left, still think this way in spite of the evidence. Since, it is acknowledged that Africa has the “lightest carbon footprint;” one has to wonder what motivation is driving their perspective.

May I suggest that a recent segment on RT might be a place for environmentalist to take a look at.

Lastly, may I suggest that the root of environmental degradation points back primarily to US Corporations along with many of their European and Canadian counterparts. Let's not blame the victims of an economic system that is enforced through military power as we saw in Libya – a country that had the highest standard of living in Africa.

Thank you.

The alarming reports in the

The alarming reports in the last several months - on the significant decline of phytoplankton, on the decline of the amphibian population, on deep ocean warming, on earlier cracking and melting in the Arctic, etc., etc., etc. All of them with the same central theme - it's gotten much worse at a much faster rate than the authors' thought. There is no question that the USA's view which if we give benefit of the doubt is at best that everyone must proportionally reduce consumption (i.e., U.S. stays at same comparative level of resource consumption, wealth distribution, etc.) is abhorrent, and frankly unachievable if we don't level things out (much unlike the economic "recovery"), no one will buy into sacrificing "together." And if we don't level things out, there's a very real chance we'll be levelled permanently. 2 more billion people aren't just competing with other people, they're competing with flora and fauna which are themselves in steep decline and of course are actually some of the important resources. Some are saying that at 450 ppm, which may be assured, even if we all stop driving yesterday , and since that won't happen is projected, including in what I take to be fairly mainstream studies, that's the end of phytoplankton, which is, uhmm, entry level food chain, so that seems very bad. If I've been propagandized by Hansen,Terry Story, various MIT reports, Munich Re, etc., I'm completely open to being persuaded of that, It would frankly be a great relief to me. But it feels like, much as my sympathies otherwise lie with this crowd, those issues will simply be dismissed here, rather than being addressed with the kind of intellectual rigor otherwise on display, although they are sometimes touched upon in brief when Christian Parenti is a guest.

Bono does concerts from

Bono does concerts from building tops like a sniper with a rifle firing down on the crowd. He is above the crowd, never down there with it.

Who is Kate Upton kissing? -

Who is Kate Upton kissing? - a Yahoo headline today. Who is Headwind talking about today? You give Bono too much air time. Why listen to his bad music, his bad ideas and follow his bad fashion sense? I listen to your programs Doug but I never listen to Bono.

I agree with Jake. I find it

I agree with Jake. I find it insulting that Doug and his guest today (and I usually respect Doug greatly) dissed "enviros" for even suggesting that a species which has gone viral and destroys virtually everything in its wake, is nonsense. Are they blind? It really was a bullying that they did without any dissenting voice from us enviros. And by the way, social and economic justice are not mutually exclusive of environmental justice. In fact, they really go hand in hand. Just ask anybody living in a poor neighborhood down wind of a coal plant or factory spewing filth in the air or dumping toxic waste into the ground water. So Doug, you lost some points on this one.

Why is it that anyone who

Why is it that anyone who wonders about the number of people the earth's carrying capacity can support is de facto branded a Malthusian, and thus automatically inherit all attendant horribleness. I'd like lots of things to happen - social justice, a vastly more equitable distribution of wealth, a 25 hour workweek, the elimination of drones, etc. There's a kind of condescension and bullying in this notion that we can't wonder about the math, which doesn't have to mean gas poor people. Even within the conversation there's an acknowledgment that we're going to have to figure out how to address the addition of 2 bn people, well how about after that or long term? The opposite of Malthus, which seems to be a large part of what's going on here, may not necessarily be the good.

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