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The Visionary Activist - June 13, 2013 at 2:00pm

The Visionary Activist Show, for June 13, 2013 - 2:00pm

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The Visionary Activist

Caroline hosts - Faith Spotted Eagle: "An urgent conversation needs to be held about the parallels between sexual violence, conquest, colonization, environmental racism and the rape of Mother Earth." Proposed Keystone XL (extra large) Pipeline = one of largest human rights violations (and Nature's Living Intelligence violation).

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Appreciation for this

Appreciation for this infromation is over 9000-thank you!

Ditto--What a great show!

Ditto--What a great show! Thank you! However, in all due respect, one minor point of disagreement. Having called in with a question about Faith Spotted Eagle's comment that what's going on in the world is a great battle between the forces of "light a darkness," I was disappointed by her answer. I questioned if this eschto-cosmological view was a teaching of her tribe. She really didn't give a definite answer, but simply said that it was a kind of "universal" doctrine (and just an obvious truth that anyone would take for granted).

I regret that I to have to take issue with the wise guest, but this religious worldview is in fact NOT "universal." As I tried to briefly point out in my preliminary comments to my question, the view of the cosmos as a battleground between two personified powers of Light and Dark, or Good vs. Evil, comes into the world as a concept with the Iranean prophet Zoroaster's religion (Zoroastrianism) ca. 6th century BCE. It's the cosmic duke-out of Ahura Mazda vs. Angra Mainyu. This mythic scenario made it's way into Judaism and, eventually, into Christianity. So while it may look "universal," since what was once only particular to the monotheistic religions is now uncritically accepted in the popular imagination of many in the world today, we know it originated at a definite time and place--and was at that time an anomaly to world mythology which preceded it. I was surprised not so much that a Native American would use it, but that they would claim it as "universal." I say this because many Native Americans were converted to the "dominator religion" and/or indoctrinated in Christian schools, so this monotheistic belief infects their worldview.

Now, just in case I'm judged--being a non-Native American---as telling Native Americans about their beliefs, I refer those interested to the views of Native American activist John Trudell (who was a previous guest on the show last month). It is his term--"dominator religion"--that I use, and whose views about how this "dominator religion" was the prime agent in the genocide committed against the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

Thus, I would argue that this monotheistic, cosomogonic concept of "light vs. dark" / "good vs. evil" far from making the world a better place has done more of the very "evil" that it proposes to battle against. Yes, we're all pretty much accustomed to identifying anything up to no-good as belonging to the "dark side," but we need to discern between a metaphor (and metaphorical/mythical reality) and Reality! As I mentioned in my comments on the air, the project of many neo-pagans today is to "reclaim the darkness," i.e., to re-vision the positive value that the "darkness" has about it, which the worldview of Christianism has turned into all things "evil." And I first step to that is to become aware of the way we use language--whether Native American or whomever!

What a great show! Thank you.

What a great show! Thank you. It is so healing and exciting to listen to Caroline Casey and Faith Spotted Eagle in dialog. Hopeful. Insights me to action.

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