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The Morning Mix Project Censored - June 21, 2013 at 8:00am

The Morning Mix, for June 21, 2013 - 8:00am

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I was listening to Ken Wilber

I was listening to Ken Wilber talking about the historical change that occurred in human gender relations when we moved from horticultural (hand held tools) systems to agricultural (animal drawn plows. His claim was that up to that point both genders had been relatively equal in terms of horticultural work, and that it was the advent of the heavier work load that eventually moved women into the private realm of home work. Wilber claims that women most likely voluntarily accepted or co created the new evolution of gender roles. He further claims that women define themselves as victims and assume the automatic inferiority which is the logical conclusion of such a claim. The rape surveys are a real concern, but I would suggest the surveys really call for a greater investigatory societal attitude in general to learn more about what is happening Firstly it seems we really need to focus on getting meaningful survey information from college age men on what is going on. It may be difficult to fell if we are getting accurate accounts from men and maybe lie detectors need to be used or something to gain some understanding on what is happening. As one who tends to disagree with the meme of men as unchallenged oppressor, I am nonetheless shocked that women are even going to college if these statistics are actually true then our society should really consider some kind of segregation during college years. If one in four women are being raped then the overall damage is multiplied exponentially to other effected by their harm. I hope I do not sound sarcastic because I share the outrage of such statistics, but sometimes I feel some of the feminist rhetoric wants to stop us in the moment of victimhood. Rather than exploring greater efforts at gathering more sociological information, we seemed paused as seeing the existing study as a final condemnation of some sort. Rather than pursuing prevention in a more vigorous manner, or questioning further why any women would wish to date in college given the statistics,, We instead seem to again receive a kind of resignation to the oppressor theme which downplays both women's opportunities to take control, as well as any allusion to mediation of sexual roles. The focus from what i hear from this brand of feminism is that the perpetrator males need to recognize their improper role and desist out of shame. I think we can do better

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