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Guns and Butter - July 3, 2013 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for July 3, 2013 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"Debt Jubilee, Strike Debt and Germany's Energy Transformation" with Michael Lerner, Jim Costanzo and Steve Seuser.  A new vision; the sabbatical year; debt cancellation; redistribution of means of production every 50 years; Hurricane Sandy Disaster Recovery; Debt Resisters Manual; the Rolling Jubilee; mutual aid; public bank funding of renewable energy in Germany; feed-in tariffs.

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Michael Lerner takes an

Michael Lerner takes an excellent idea (the concept of Debt Jubilee) and reduces it to a political/economic doctrine. This is as stupid as Creationists using the creation account in Genesis to validate their wacky-doodle ideas on how life was formed.

Scripture is not intended to be a science text book though it deals with scientific matters. Scripture not an economic/political text though it deals with both of these areas of study. Scripture is primarily a moral document that describes the blessings that accrue to those who follow its moral guidelines and the curses that befall those who ignore that document's guidance.

Part of that moral guidance includes the 10 commandments which is a non-starter for most progressives. Another part of that moral guidance describes homosexuality as an abomination to be avoided , again, a guaranteed turn off to most progressives. That delicate euphemism, "force in the universe" that Michael Lerner invokes is better known as God.

The scriptures that Michael Lerner uses to inform his idea of Sabbath and Jubilee observance were given by God to humanity with this simple proposition--if you want the blessings promised, you must follow the moral rules that allow them to flow to you. Call it hierarchical or patriarchal like Michael Lerner if you wish, but it is a vital part of the equation that enables the material blessings of both the Sabbath and Jubilee to flow out to all who fulfill the moral as well as the economic requirements of that equation.

To emphasize the one and slough over the other is the moral equivalent of "bait and switch".

Excellent broadcast about the

Excellent broadcast about the Debt Jubilee, Strike Debt, etc, from Rabbi Michael Lerner, Jim Costanzo of New York and Steve Seuser. Jim explains how Occupy Wall Street helped th victims of Hurricane Sandy.

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