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The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari - July 14, 2013 at 9:00am

The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari, for July 14, 2013 - 9:00am

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The comments above re "time

The comments above re "time for Blacks to practice racism," are reactionary and do not consider the scientific fact that there is only one human race. If we distinguish between institutionalized White-supremacist racism and ordinary (judge a book by its cover) racism, Blacks are often quite racist in their attitudes and practice; I.e., have preconceived ideas about ethnic or national groups that are different (in culture, appearance, nationality, and/or religion). America is steeped in racism beginning with its genocide against the indigenous peoples of the renamed "Americas." Its woven in to its very fabric -- making each and everyone born and raised here a victim of the disease, with rare exception. Instead of pointing fingers at others, we should look within ourselves and begin to change our own attitudes and behaviors. We should choose our friends based on the content of their character, and their politics. The latter is most important because this country is at war and we must choose sides. I'm not on the side of imperialist aggression or the domestic police state -- and both are peopled by folks of every hue with a colored Commander in Chief leading the terror.

Great show. Thank You to the

Great show. Thank You to the producers who forfeited their showtime to give us this awesome programming!

Solution-Stop spending money

Solution-Stop spending money with people who have straight hair! No more coke,no more meat no more fast food! as long as you participate you enable white supremacy.all the other races support white supremacy they are not your friends{latinos/asians and all non blacks benefit from black misery!

Segregation is the best

Segregation is the best policy The disconnection of the phone on the obama ? was classic! So much for womans wisdom ^white woman and not an ounce of truth in any of them.

What a propaganda piece, what

What a propaganda piece, what happen to presenting both sides Mitch?. kpfa is starting to suck.
I lost a lot of respect for Davey D. today. It's worse than the "Fair and Balance guys".
The real point is the economy and jobs for the youth in my county youth unemployment is 50%.
Why did you just interview the Poverty Pimps/provocateurs. The only person that made some sense was John Burris. There no mention that some today's youth have no respect and are combative. The politicians have turn this world into a difficult prison. It looks Kpfa is contributing to "The Shock Doctrine" diversions. You can't have one sided-viewpoint.
Sad Sad starting to look like the new NPR.

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for dedicating these hours to the voices of the outraged and frustrated people trying to deal with this heinous verdict. The woman who named it, "Post Traumatic Verdict Syndrome" was right on. I am an elder white woman who lives in Fairbanks, Alaska, and am outraged and embarrassed by this verdict, which essentially sends the message to white communities that it's fine and dandy for white-minded racist males to murder children on the street because they "fear for their lives" by a child's mere PRESENCE. Zimmerman hunted this child down after the 9-1-1 operator told him to leave him alone. What about Treyvon's right to "stand his ground" against a person who had obvious animosity coming toward him?! The man was huge, as well as armed, yet was legally allowed to murder this child, who was neither armed, nor dangerous. Like the state-sanctioned murder of Troy Davis will keep me from ever stepping foot or spending a dime in the state of Georgia, (even though my brother lives there), this different form of the same sanction will keep me from ever stepping foot or spending a dime in Florida. Like the good doctor said, getting them in the pocketbook is the only way to effectively send the message regarding state-sanctioned murder of our children of color.
My thoughts and prayers go out to Treyvon's family, and to all the families who have not only lost children, but lost any sense of justice for their deaths. I am ashamed to be of the race that perpetuates such injustice all over the globe. The white male patriarch has got to be replaced with a more equitable society. The time is now. The power is US!

Dear KPFA, Thank you for

Dear KPFA,

Thank you for airing this important subject regarding the Zimmerman Verdict.

May I suggest the following:

1. We are back to Dred Scott v. Sandford – any progress made has been completely reversed
2. It is not that justice in the United States for African-Americans ever existed, but what we see clearly now is that this justice system “cannot” provide justice to this group of its citizens.
3. African-Americans now need, and have needed for some time, to present our case to the United Nations and the International Community. This is a long standing greivance and it seems that each generation has to relearn this lesson, but the solution remains the same.
4. Anyone who suggest that you need to heal and keep taking the beatings, torture, murders and economic depravation, is ignoring the solution that we have historically learned. Once the tortue stops the healing can then begin – not before.
5. One thing that should be acknowledged, is that this is a “power relationship” which is being played out within a global dynamic where the United States is loosing power. The response is similar to a husband who is demoted on his job and comes home and kicks the dog, beats the wife etc. This pattern will get worse as United States looses more power gobally – and it won't be limited the African-Americans.
6. Another solution has been debated for over 100 years in the United States, and it is that we need an African-American State in the United States, so that we have a base of power to bargain from – anything less leaves this status quote in place. There are approximately 3,200 counties in the United States where a “Black State” can be carved out from. D.C. Is a non starter due to the fact that it is the Federal District of the United States.
7. Anyone who says that are Not African-American is suspect as a self-hater. We came from Africa and I for one am proud of who I am.

Thank you

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