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Democracy Now! (9 am) - July 15, 2013 at 9:00am

Democracy Now! (9 am), for July 15, 2013 - 9:00am

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I am blown away by this

I am blown away by this verdict and I am completely disheartened by the situation that youth face in this country. I for one am ready to commit my life to the service of mentoring youth and creating situations where they can participate in healthy living communities. I feel honestly in my heart that we must always be wary of intentional distractions by the media from one thing to another, and that the fomenting of bad race relations may be at the heart of all of this. While americans are arming themselves in record numbers and while the police and the country are basically armed to the teeth commiting illegal acts themselves here and abroad. It simply looks like more American Mayhem. But the people of this world should recognize that we are not fighting each other, but that our governments at the behest of and in collaberation with large corporate agendas are fighting us. And that the civil war that has erupted in Turkey is the same civil war they would like to foment here. It is the oldest trick in the book to divide, distract, foment, sell us the arms and have us fighting against each other. So lets get hip to this and not fall victim to the hate game. I am so honored to have the rebuild the dream people state the corrupt incarceration of our youth and the denying them a right to a decent education and that just as the young women activist in afghanistan was empowered to demand free fair and equal education for all to be a human right. So should we see that this is a demand of the american people as well as transparancy in our government's dealings with other governments and that it is truly time for all of the people in the world to actually have absolutely equal protection under the law. Law that are written by the people and not the corporations. It is time to stand up against chrony capitalism and the hoax of democracy at home and demand and implement the New Green Deal for the right of young people to have a life at all, much less a good one. It is time in my humble opinion that we ensure this right by making it our daily agenda to respect honor and uplift the planet by loving and respecting all of life. I am sure together we can overcome the hatred and fear that they are mass producing. I am glad that Travon Martin's death was not in vain because of your coverage an Kpfa and I hope it cast a broad enough net that the world over will unite to overcome the fear of the future of life on the planet and replace with an active participation by all of us to create a world within which we want to live...for the next generations. it is not rocket science and we can do this. Lets get it started.

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