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Economic Update - July 19, 2013 at 10:00am

Economic Update, for July 19, 2013 - 10:00am

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I discovered Dr. Wolff on

I discovered Dr. Wolff on YouTube and have been downloading his programs and lectures. When he mentioned Bay Area (where I live) KPFA, I was thrilled. Now I have a station to listen to. Thank you!

If you go over and listen to

If you go over and listen to Bonnie interview Dimitry Orlov at Guns and Butter (re-run from 2009) you realize how much better sense the "little tradition" of socialist Christianity makes than the "big tradition" of Capitalist Christianity. Orlov discusses the Soviet collapse and doubts the USA will survive as well in its nearing economic implosion. He says soldiers at overseas bases may have to rely on charity and barter to get back home.

I admire your work and also

I admire your work and also that of Chris Hedges. Hedges is a Christian and you are a Socialist.
Thank you for the attempt to reconcile morality with practicality in hosting theologians. Maybe you could get Cornel West to comment on your recommendations. Your acquaintance Bill Moyers has done the same thing in hosting religious scholars but always reverts to Patriarchal ideology. It hurts me that Moyers and sometimes Hedges cannot moderate Capitalism (Moyers) or Christianity (Hedges) and that makes their messages partly irrational. Do you ever think that persons like you and I are as doctrinaire in our adherence to our Socialist dreams like worker self-management as they are to their essential beliefs. To explore this I wish you'd host Professor Kathi Weeks of Duke Univ. who wrote the book "The Problem With Work." I think sometimes recipes of solution get fixated and justice suffers because of that. It would help me to hear your reactions to her ideas.You are the type of wise and civil person who could handle this. Most hosts can't. Weeks seems as practical as you in her solutions but advocates a broad imaginary.

Kathi Weeks was guest speaker

Kathi Weeks was guest speaker on Behind the News with Doug Henwood July 18, 2013.

As always an excellent

As always an excellent program. Keep it up. I recently listened to your introductory course on Marxist economics. I am beginning to understand the contradictions I have observed over the years in a new light--i.e. how can such a wealthy nation as ours accept so much poverty!? The fact that workers do not receive the full value of what they produce is a big part of the answer. I am beginning to rethink and to consider how these ideas relate to my own business.

Simple Equation: All Labor

Simple Equation: All Labor Creates Wealth
Also explained in a greeting card I once bought: Einstein writing in Greek symbols (picture) with caption, "Einstein discovers time = money"

A great teacher and a great

A great teacher and a great economist! If only the great unwashed masses of sheeple would listen to this program, they might get a clue about why their 'American dream' is collapsing around them. Prof. Wolffe cuts thru the establishment BS we hear from our leaders and TV pundits every day, like a hot knife thru butter. Keep up the good work! His is one of the best programs on KPFA. Right on~!

Great opening music! Richard

Great opening music! Richard Wolff's program this morning introducing the spiritual responsibility point of view (Christian in this case) on trade is exactly what I have been yearning to hear in the media. Thank you!

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